Foam Gen 2 armor remake


Hello everyone! I'm back with another armor build and I remade my custom birthday spartan armor from last year!

For this build the parts are:
Helmet: FOTUS
Chest: Recruit
Knee guards:Recruit
Boots: Recruit
Shins: Recruit
+ my Gen 2 techsuit that I made

I changed the thigh parts from Recruit to Scout because less pieces and more simplistic design.

For this build I was able to reuse the FOTUS helmet, kneecaps, Shins and shoulders from last year. Originally I began Remaking this armor set in April after C2E2 but I was busy at the time and I missed the deadline before my birthday.

I began in April by starting with the Recruit Shoulders then the Scout thigh parts,boot covers, and techsuit last.
I finally got the Recruit Shoulders to be mostly accurate after my previous attempt last year. It has many rounded curves that I missed last time but I did better since learning how to do bevel cuts.

For the boot parts I placed velcro on the bottom so it could slip on my shoes easily. I'm not done yet with those. Only the mid top section needs to be connected.

As per my last post, I made my Gen 2 undersuit to go with both my Infinite and Halo 4 armors (that's why it's yellow).

Painting: This time, instead of using a darker blue color, I used a Navy blue ish spray paint with gloss and primer for that vibrant shiny look. I paired that one up with a matte yellow spray paint also with primer and gloss.

I went to FanExpo Chicago recently and when I did, I took off the shoulder parts,Shin,Kneecap,and thighs because I started to get a little hot suiting up and I wanted to be able to walk faster.

As of last night I've made the final touches to my armor set and everything fits perfect!


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