Getting my helmet to fit correctly?


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Hey everyone. sorry if this is the wrong category as this is my first post.

I have made a halo 3 mark 6 helmet. it was 3d printed. It's painted, battle damaged, everything is done except the visor. I figured I should glue the foam in first so I could stick my hand through the "visor hole" just so I'd have more angles to work with and it'd be easier. Well... I've used up just about all my foam and it's still pretty loose. any ideas?


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Hi Civil, welcome to the 405th! If you feel you don't want to use any more padding (you can probably get upholstery foam quite cheap), another option is something like a hard hat suspension (link is an example, not one I have used or heard of before). These are the adjustable inserts that sit inside hard hats, so they're relatively comfortable and designed to disperse the weight evenly around the head.
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