Glitch? Security Arms

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Total Achievements: 33 of 49
Total Gamer Score: 840 of 1000

yet I still have no security arms, and my record doesn't show that I beat legendary (But i have hense the achievement for it). the whole thing reaks of bugs. Even my Hyabusa armor went away and my skulls started over.

Bungie I plea to you yet again (as i have sent in several emails with no responce) please fix this I WANT MY ARMOR
bungie needs to fix the sniper glitch, i NAILED a guy dead in the eyes 5 times!!!!!!! he still didnt die, everyone was like WTF???!!!!!
you guys have to remember if your playing online and you have a high latency things like this will happen IE:

"Shooting people and they dont die"

This happens cause your lagging out on your connection, the system is not regestering a hit because it cant determine the time you fired from the time the bullet would have hit the person.

"People Jumping around the map"

This is caused when the data from the server is backed up and gets your system in bursts hense why you see a vanishing player re-appear a few feet from where he was standing, this can also be a reason why your shots dont hit said player.

"Not regestering your GS"

This is caused by a glitch in the 360 console and it usually client baised IE: "Only you cant see it"

you also have to realize that this is a new game and of course there are going to be bugs especially in a launch so massive as this one, give it time and they will patch it out
Security arms unlock and go when you have under 850 GS. Then they stay there when you reach that point.

I did all the MP achievements - - but it wasn't free-for-all so I got bupkiss. Stupidest thing ever having those achievements getable by only being in Free-For-All
I have them, lol but thats because i have all 1000 points, i had to have the katana. Um.... havent been here since halo 3 came out i tryed to make a new topic and it told me i didnt have permission. Did something change around here?
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