Glueing velcro to EVA foam

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Do you guys think contact cement is good enough to glue velcro to foam? On the smooth side of the foam the velcro sticks pretty well with it's own glue but it doens't really stick to the textured side. So i was wondering if you guys use some special kind of glue?


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As long as you are applying the contact cement to bother peices, then letting it dry for a few minutes, the bond should be near unbreakable. You can try sanding the textured side if the foam to give a more flush surface and a better grip


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contact cement should be fine. I've actually gotten by just using the adhesive that came with it. But e600 would make that inseparable.


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I’ve used normal high temp hot glue on Velcro with great success. Very occasionally the Velcro will start to separate from the hot glue, but a fresh dab will keep it secure. I go around my suit once every year or so with my glue gun to touch up/reinforce seams and parts, so I’ve never had anything catastrophically fail or separate while wearing my suit.


I’ve started liking Gorilla Glue hot glue for straps and velcro. It’s got amazing tensile strength and it’s pretty quick to set.
Contact cement works fine and E6000 is amazing, just like everyone says.