Goblin Slayer, MK I


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After acquiring some chaps from my closet, I traced the the design onto the poster board, then onto bedsheets and finally loose stitched the 1st draft.
IMG_20210304_204121877.jpg IMG_20210304_204204376.jpg IMG_20210304_204210980.jpg

Amazingly, it was an astounding success! Very loose, had no problems moving about. Had to cut the tab on top a bit because it was too long, but that's an easy fix on the draft.

The problem stems with me getting the same fabric. Apparently they don't sell the same one I used for the shirt before, so instead I got this.

Looks roughly the same, acts roughly the same, has the same stretchiness properties. Will cut out the chaps onto this in a couple of weeks. Gonna be busy with a few things.


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Okay, so I managed to FIANLLY get the chaps done, but it was ALL on video. AND i don't know how to upload them on here, so here's some sucky drawings to makes things easier to understand; because if I were to explain this by words alone, even I wouldn't understand what I would be talking about.

So, let's get the EASY parts out of the way:
After getting the straight pieces sewn together, Left side, right side, ankle-cuff thing, and joining the two sides, that left the curve and trying to figure out how to get the string in.

What I did was I cut the corner diagonally to make managing the folding a bit easier. Then sewed it top, right, and across.
Step 07.png Step 08.png Step 09.png

I then used this Nylon string to determine the top of the "Pants Entrance." After having SO MUCH allowance, I used it to match the same length as the bottom piece.
step 11.png

The reason for the string was because of how stretchy this fabric was and I wasn't sure if this would be tight enough to stay on. So after realizing that, I made it into a concept of having it act as like some sort of sweatpants. Before sewing the two ends together, I cut the edges and sewn it only PARTLY. leaving a hole for the string to come out.
step 12.png

After that, The process was complete. This was a LOT easier said than done. Had some scares where I thought I sewed some parts inside out from the other leg, but turns out the leg was JUST inside out; sewed everything the right way... -ish. Were there things where I could've done this a BIT cleaner? Yes. But... this would've been covered up by a lot of things and this was my first attempt of sewing something like this. Now I can work on armor again.

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