Good ideas to make a Halo 1 pistol

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buy a c02 air powered gun, and convert that. Sounds like an idea.
I am going to try and convert my Desert eagle airsoft gun, and if that doesn't work I am going to convert around something a little more heavy duty.

I was thinking of useing this CO2 powered gun to convert around, it wouldn't need much work, just the scope, which I think I will turn into a laser pointer, and run the wire through the actual gun, then for the handle I will just cut the finger guard out of the way then make my own out of aluminum.
You will also need to extend the butt of the gun or else the trigger guard will be very disproportionate.

I had that problem. :eek
Yeah I noticed with yours. I was going to extend it using either cut aluminum, or I will make it out of rubber, so I can continue to slide the clip in.
As long as the bottom edges are rounded, it should work fine

Soft plastic did good for me, I would think that rubber would want to stick though...

you could always line the inside with cardboard
Yeah good point....

I will be posting a picture later tonight for the pistol, I was going for a test run with my desert eagle airsoft gun, so far its looking rather good.
Alright I got the pics now I need to get my sister (She is the one with the camera) To send them to me....

Alright so this is only my 3rd prop ever. It isn't very good but I am pleased that the gun didn't fall apart, (which happens a lot when I touch airsoft guns...)
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