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I have been playin the online demo and I have starting to get back into games like SOCOM, GRAW, Rainbow Six, and I think I am going to get graw 2 this week, havent played campaign yet though, but I have been playing the one map on the demo a lot and in my opinion pretty decent coming in 1st-3rd place on average and already have found two people that i work good with on the demo (looking for a third to start a squad)
they also are planning on getting the game sometime soon

I was just curious if anyone else has played it though and what everones opinion on it was
I've got it. It IS very awesome. fantastic graphics, and great atmosphere.
well then it seems I have to get it or i will be killed :p

hopefully this upcoming weekend if I get the chance but I work thurs/Fri night and then saturday...........sunday I am going to my dad's for a late b-day party, so might get cash towards it
it does look like a really fun game..........but I only like games like that for about a week or so............. I still play ghost recon 2 for the original xbox on the other hand
Alright, I have GRAW 2. It's amazing. But let's way pros and cons my friend.

1. Great campaign
2. Great graphics
3. Cross-Com 2.0 is very detailed
4. Explosions look awesome
5. Medic helps if you do something stupid, or your AI does something stupid
6. Parts of campaign can be very challenging
7. Many new options in campaign

1. AI can be very easy to kill at times on hard difficulties
2. Cars blow up when you shoot them only 50 times. Not realistic.
3. With the new cross com, you can see everyone, and absolutely dominate, thus getting boring
4. Multiplayer is almost identical to GRAW 1, (I have both), and I see no changes in it other than more weapons

Now, some of these pros might not suit your taste, and be cons. And if you don't really like a challenge, then numbers 1 & 3 of my cons list won't matter.

Dude, if you love XBox Live, then I recommend you get Rainbow 6 Las Vegas. GRAW 2 is a great game, but it lacks in multiplayer to me. You can't stick against walls in multiplayer, or go prone, but if that doesn't bother you, then by all means, get it.
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