Greatest ever Sci-fi small arm

Best sci-fi weapon

  • Lasgun

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  • Blaster

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  • Pulse rifle

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  • MA5C Assault Rifle

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  • Phaser Rifle

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Swedish Spartan

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Ok, what,s the best ever sci-fi small arms and why.

Just wanted to test your nerdiness. :roll:

Ok, dont judge after style or taste just effectivness , service length and so on.

I,ll go for Lasgun outclasses all other weapons,
Serving for over 10000 years in countless world,s all across the Imperium
Capable off burning off a mans leg in one shot,no recoil, self-recharging and almost indestructible.
ironicly, the best gun in the galaxy is used by the weakest infantry in the galaxy, Guardsmen.

What you can vote for

Lasgun (Warhammer 40k)

Pulse rifle (Aliens)

E-11 Blaster (Star Wars)

MA5C Assault Rifle (Halo)

Phaser Rifle (Star Trek)
i love the Pulse rifle

i used to have a mock up of it i made that i put on my paintball gun
(i also had a thompson)
nothing like shooting 12bps and having fun :sleep:

i miss it so...
The lasgun is from 40k, yes

It is the standard weapon off the imperial guard, the largest military organisation in the entire 40k universe
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