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Not many people seem to do/have done officer jackets, so I figured I'd post my own make as I go!

Here's what I currently have:
5 yards of 44" cotton fabric in Cloudburst
2 yards of featherweight fusible interfacing.
2 1/4 yards of 44" cotton fabric in Black
5/8 heavy duty snaps in gold and a dark grey/black
Gold thread in both Temple Gold (7450) and Spark Gold (7360)
Grey thread in Nugrey (450)
Metallic gold bias tape
Pattern is Butterick B5927 - option D

Some notes:
All of the above, except for the bias tape and pattern came from Joann.
The bias tape came off of Amazon.
The pattern is unfortunately retired, but if you look, you can find uncut versions out there. Mine is from Pattern Walk.
After extensive research and putting the Haloverse ribbons to their real-world counterparts, I have ordered a ribbon rack and ribbons from Vanguard.
I still need to order UNSC dogtags, a name badge, gold star pins, and silver oak leaf pins.
My husband is 3D printing a completely non-functional pistol for me, as well.
The bias tape will be used in lieu of ribbon or bar pins for the gold accents on the jacket.

What ribbons have I decided to go with?
I'm basing Commander Peaches off of Commander Miranda Keyes, so I used her and her father as a starting point. I'll list the Haloverse award (and then the real world equivalent in parentheses).
Silver Star (Silver Star)
Basic Training Honor Graduate (USAF Basic Training Honor Graduate)
Combat Readiness (USAF Combat Readiness)
Command (NJROTC NS 4)
Medic (NJROTC Color Guard)
Advanced Education (NJROTC Aptitude)

I'm currently in the cutting everything out stage, so I'll post more when I've made more progress!



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