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Grif Enrolls at Corbulo Academy

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by MJPvt Grif, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. MJPvt Grif

    MJPvt Grif

    I am going to attempt a cosplay+build that I have not found here, and make the uniform, and hopefully armor, of a CAMS cadet.

    I say hopefully on the armor because, to the best of my knowledge, the files do not exist. I'm trying to learn to model, but so far have been quite unsuccessful. I am however working on the parts of the armor that I have found. The shoulders, knee pads, and helmet.

    Got the shoulders peped

    Got one knee done. I don't want to do two until I see how they scale with the shins (which don't exist yet)

    Started on the helmet.

    I've also begun work making a pattern for the uniform. Hoping to have a mockup done sometime next week.

    If any modelers out there would like to help, I have a bunch of reference images that I've been trying to work from and I can send those to you. I'm still looking for the chest, thighs, and shins. Any help would be massively appreciated.

    In in the mean time I'll keep on working on what I have and post updates on my progress.

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  2. Demogorgon


    Pep work is looking great! The CAMS cadet is from the Forward Unto Dawn web series, correct?

    Looking forward to see what you come up with! If you need any modeling help I will help as much as I can.
  3. MJPvt Grif

    MJPvt Grif

    Thanks, it's definitely a learning process, but I'm enjoying it. I had to scrap the first shoulder I made. Yes, CAMS is from Forward Unto Dawn. Despite some canonical contradictions, I really enjoyed the series.

    I'd love some modeling help if you have the time to spare. I'm using blender and have made some progress on the chest (I think). The hardest part will be the shins I think. If you'd like to look over the reference images I have, they're here http://s1244.photobucket.com/user/havenofimage/library/CAMS ref pics.

    By the way, love your Hayabusa build.
  4. MJPvt Grif

    MJPvt Grif

    Had a free evening and got some more work done on the helmet. The ears were way too much work considering I'm going to fill in those slots once it start detailing. Probably won't get any more done till the weekend.

    I've also begun to look at Assault Rifle plans and builds. Any recommendations?

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  5. Major Johnson

    Major Johnson New Member

    Looks great so far love the forward unto dawn series and cant wait to see how this turns out keep us updated!!:D
  6. Demogorgon


    Thanks! The Gen 2 'Busa should be done really soon.

    I've got some free time tonight so I'll work on the shin files.
  7. HaloGoddess


    Ummm.......I was looking at your pictures and the FIRST picture you have posted you have it listed as saying: "Got the shoulders pepped" when what you have in the first picture is technically the knee pieces for an ODST. Also, the second picture is technically one of the shoulder pieces from Reach. Most commonly known by the shoulders that Kat has and you said: "Got one knee done". XD I know the shoulders used in FUD look like the ODST knee pieces and look pretty similar, but there is still a slight difference. :p As for what you are using for the knee, I've never been able to get a really good look at those. XD

    Just wanted to point that out to hopefully avoid any confusion. XD lol

    Were you going to be modifying the finished pieces to look more like the movie?
  8. MJPvt Grif

    MJPvt Grif

    Thanks, I'll do my best.

    OMG you're amazing!

    Thanks for the heads up, but I am aware. It was MissingSpartan7 who suggested using the odst knees for the shoulder. I've marked where adjustements need to be made, but I don't want to cut off the excess until after the first coat or so of resin since there are braces that connect to the extended parts. As for the knees, they're not perfect, but they're pretty close. With a little added foam and some bondo work I think I can get them spot on.
  9. Demogorgon


    I've almost got the shin done, got nothing going at work so I'm working on it here haha. Do you need the thighs done as well?
  10. MJPvt Grif

    MJPvt Grif

    If it's not a bother. The curved surfaces have been throwing me a bit. I did manage to get the chest done though!

    I'm going to watch unfolding tutorials while I work on my helmet today. Thanks again for your help.
  11. MJPvt Grif

    MJPvt Grif

    Finished the pep work on the helmet and better yet, it fits! It sits a little low on my head right now, but once I get some Fiberglas and foam in there I think it will be perfect. Right now the brim is open, after I get the resin done I'll cut a piece to cover the opening.


    I'm going to try to unfold my chest piece model tomorrow, and finish the pattern for the uniform jacket. Fingers crossed that all goes well.

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  12. Demogorgon


    The helmet looks great!

    I somehow managed to corrupt the shin file :mad: so I have to redo them, gahhhh.
  13. MJPvt Grif

    MJPvt Grif

    OH NO! D: I'm so sorry to hear that. File loss is the worst.
  14. MJPvt Grif

    MJPvt Grif

    After my first attempt at unfolding I went back to my model and almost completely redid it in order to fix the countless problems I had. But all that work payed off in the end because I now have a completed pepakura unfold!

    Probably won't get to work on it till the weekend though :/

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  15. MJPvt Grif

    MJPvt Grif

    Update time. I've been busier than I planned so not much has gotten done, but work has begun on the mockup for the uniform. Already found a couple mistakes with the pattern, but that's why we do these.


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  16. MJPvt Grif

    MJPvt Grif

    Sorry for the lack of updates. Finals and a new summer job have been taking up a lot of time and my build has been on hold for the past month. But now that life has settled down I'm getting back to work.

    Also, I need some help modeling the shin and thigh armor. If there are any modelers out there who would like to lend a hand I would be very grateful.
  17. MJPvt Grif

    MJPvt Grif

    Got the chest finished! Need to get some foam to do the sides.


    My resin shipped yesterday, so I'm hoping I can start coating these next week. I still don't have shin models, so I'm going to get started on the rifle. I'm not sure what variant I want to use. In the show they use MA5C's but for the time period they should have MA5B's. I'll probably make the C though.

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  18. Atlas91

    Atlas91 New Member

    Looking really good there, your pep work is looking really nice and clean there. I'm looking forward to seeing how this project turns out. were you going to get a MOLLE vest for the torso or build from scratch?

    Regards, Ross
  19. MJPvt Grif

    MJPvt Grif

    Thank you! I have a MOLLE plate carrier similar to the ones used in the show being shipped right now. I'll post pictures once I get it.

    Thanks to the help from the talented (seriously, go check out his stuff, it’s amazing), I have a model for the shin armor. Started peping today and got the top of one done. This is my second attempt as I was dumb and forgot to scale the model and my first go was way too big. This one should fit much better.


    Also, my resin supplies arrived today! Assuming I can finish the shin armor this week, I should be able to start resining over the weekend when I’ll have plenty of time. Wish me luck.

    Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I will be halting work on the uniform jacket and instead will just wear the work dress t-shirt beneath the armor. I intend to finish the top eventually, just not right now.

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  20. Demogorgon


    The shin is coming along very well. I should noticed the typo for the scale. It should have been 325 high not 425 xD, sorry about that. Hopefully the shin fits properly :)
  21. MJPvt Grif

    MJPvt Grif

    Finished the first shin, but I'm house sitting for the weekend, so probably wont do the other till Monday. I don't want to risk traveling with such a big piece until it's been hardened.


    I did bring some armor pieces that I felt could handle the trip and started hardening this morning. I however severly underestimated just how much area an ounce of resin would coat.


    Oh well, chalk that one down in the UNSC Handbook on Lessons Learned. I'll be better prepared in the future. At least with a 25 min pot life I had time to run upstairs and grab my chest plate and get it done too before it became the resin biscuit that I'm sure is forming on the work bench right now. I hope to get started cutting pieces for my rifle this evening.

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  22. tomboy


    Yeah. The whole process is a learning curve. It seems like there's an unspoken law that material must be wasted on the first build, but as long as you learn from it, you're on the right track.
  23. MJPvt Grif

    MJPvt Grif

    Sorry for the lack of updates. Getting my armor finished in time for RTX has been hectic and I haven't had too much time to post. But, I did get it finished and it had an extremely positive reception. I'll be posting the rest of the build process pictures I have, as well as pictures from RTX once I get home and go through them all. Cheers to everyone who helped me!
  24. Demogorgon


    Glad to hear everyone loved the armor, can't wait to see it!
  25. xxxxM0NSTERxxxx


    Nice work bro. Those folds look exceptionally clean cant wait to see end product. Keep striving and i see elite section work.

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