gundam 00 exia


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hey guys,
ok so i rounded up 3 friends of mine and the 4 of us are going to the animecon next year.

only one problem... im a kindof perfectionist kindof guy :p

i wanted to make the gundam exia from gundam 00.
but on his right arm he has some moving parts like a knife that can come out but i got no clue on making it.
anyone got any ideahs ?

pic related on the right side you can see the sword mechanism i was talking about


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I dont know enough about 3-D modeling, but doesnt exia have clear orbs on the side of his head? i thing its too bulky but then again I am byfar no expert! Better than alot of us could do so congrats on attempting such a challenging build


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So far so good on the Exia head! The only reason i stay away from posing as gundams ore making any armor like this is because they do not have natural proportions. Their torso's are too short, waist too slim, and their legs are too long. I have, however, seen some good Zaku II costumes.

None the less, i hope this works out for you! Post pictures as you go, i am dieing to see the finished project!


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I'd get an at least MG or if possible, a PG Exia model kit to look at. they really offer great ways to work these devices if you take a look at how the moving parts of the models work. I got a PG strike and now I know a lot more about it (assuming I wanted to make a costume)


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OMG if you can make this into a pep i would die..... no joke, im using a references from a 3d model i found online as a reference to making virtue gundam (2nd form). to me its the simplest to make since he disent have as much armor, but whats also good is that if you wanted to make dynames or exia you can uses virtues gundam as a base and just add on the armor.

there are also more mobile suits on there but i thought you might be more interested in these, oh! and the 3d program you need is here:

dont worry its for mac or windows! :D

hopes it help and ill let you know how mine starts off when im done making my D.Gray-Man arm lol