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Just chiming in to ask if anyone has seen the first episode of Gundam Age?
I have to say I'm more optimistic about the series after seeing it. I never had much concern over the fact that it was aimed toward a younger audience but any doubt I had about that was wiped away after the opening scene, though some character designs are quite cartoonish. Other than that I like the idea of the story taking place over multiple generations though I am not to sure a bout how they will separate them over the standard 50 episodes, but I guess the'll have plenty of side stories to fill in any gaps. Lastly about the UE (Unknown Enemy) I admit so far I prefer their MS design as opposed to the Genoace and Age-1. The UE Gafran came across as being very intimidating and I must say successfully convinced me that it is going to be the first Age kit I buy. As for the UE being aliens (they actually argue over weather They are or not in the episode hence the UE). I'm betting they will be similar the Zentradi from Robotech, but you know not 50 feet tall. Anyway that's my two cents, so I'd like to see what the people here think and strongly suggest that you find the episode and watch it.