H3 Launch Advertisement


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Although we didn’t get to finish our helmets for the launch, Brentonhislaptop and I decide to bring them anyway just to get some advertising out there. We made my little brother (/personal servant) a walking billboard and even made about 75+ little hand outs (with Warheads (y) taped on the back) to pass out to people in line. We used one helmet for show and the other one for a candy jar :p




We didn’t get much attention at first but as the night went on and the line got bigger people were asking about the helmets right and left. If they could try them on, how they were made, if the site cost anything, how we were going to finish them, stuff like that. It was really fun explaining everything. We actually ran out of hand-outs near the end. A lot of people said they will check out the site, and I know as least four or five were anxious to join.



All in all, the launch was fun stuff. We made some new friends and despite a little flat tire mishap on the way there, we arrived home safely with Halo 3 in hand.

Theeee end.