Haloween/Halo 4 Launch Picture Thread! *Post your pics HERE*

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Hey guys!

Post a pic of what you were for Haloween!!

when it comes time, also post pics from the H4 Release!

Looking forward to seeing your pictures!


Caboose was "The Legendary Zelda and Fairly friend, Epona."

I don't have a picture yet cuz I'm waiting on the photographer to email it to me but my noble 6 was a success! Went trick or treating with my little sister and so many people both young and old were very impressed. Some 5 year old boy wanted to shake my hand and was scared but his mom brought him up to me and when he turn and started walking away he said " mommy that's my hero" another girl around 4 hugged my leg and said "I love you, robot man" just warmed my heart and put a smile on my face.
Here is a picture of my friends Tim (in the ODST helmet) and I at last nights release party! The manager sent a picture to his boss and gave us extra double XP codes for wearing armor! It was a fantastic night!


Here is a picture of me wearing my friend's Halo 3 Legendary Edition helmet I modded for him after the release with my LE Halo 4 :D

Does anyone know where I can find pics from the H4 midnight launch in Austin,TX at Domain Microsoft store?
Wore my Halo Reach Carter armor to my local Gamestop. My 5 year old is trying his best to play HALO 4 right now LOL.

here are my pics!!!

Future Spartan


Me with fellow costumer and Gamestop employee Brigette, who volunteered with much enthusiasm to wear my Halo Reach Trooper armor from Halloween


For most of the night I had to keep my helmet off due to new safety rules in wake of the Aurora tragedy. Didn't mind it considering how hot everything got. Anytime someone wanted a pic I had the brain bucket on.



Went to the release in my armor and people thought it was awesomesauce

guy comes up to me and points and yells "HE SHOULD GET THE FIRST COPY!" and everyone looked at him with the "open your mouth again and you die" look lol



(probably the best shot because its the only one not taken by my brother)


And that is about it! didnt take many pictures just enjoyed the moment, there was pizza, i ate a lot. also, my golden rule for costuming, "if you think your hot now, step into the cold, when you go back in, you NOW realize how goddamn hot you were and are"

Oh and..hm..whats this? guess i'll just leave it here....


I HAD TO!! Not easy in a suit tho...

Awesome release for a freaking awesome game, i'm lovin it and i hope everyone else is too. WOOHOOO FOR HALO 4

edit: that last thing is a vid if you didnt know...probably should have mentioned that
Here are two from mine, sorta blurry but tends to happen. I should have more since I was in like 50 photos gave out my email so people should send them too me, but probably are still playing.

*tops of my boots broke off at a Halo-ween party...didn't have time to fix them over the week...

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