Props H4/H5 Battle Rifle ammo display


I've started cutting foam for my battle rifle, and I want to have a backlit ammo counter (my first build with an electrical component; figured I'd try it before deciding how complicated I want to be with fitting electronics in my armor) but I'm having a hard time finding a place to put the power pack I'm using. It's an Adafruit button battery pack that I picked up at Microcenter; 2 2032 batteries, with a 4-6" cable connecting to the socket, into which the bulb is directly plugged. The pack is low profile, so I've got an advantage there, but I'm not sure where on the gun to store it discreetly. Thoughts?

Sean Anwalt

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Inside the frame below the ammo counter? It depends on how you've got the insides hollowed out. Too bad the BR isn't as versatile as an AR-15; you could stick that thing basically anywhere on one of those.

What other details do you have?


Honestly, right now the rifle is just four pieces of puzzle mat foam and 3 pieces of fiberglass rod lying on my table; I didn't want to start gluing that base structure together until the light was placed. All of the details (or at least most of them) will be added via craft foam (like my M20 in another thread), and any that don't go on that way will get painted on.

I know where the counter display needs to go; my plan was to just cut out an area, set the bulb and run the wire to the pack, then glue and start adding details


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I’ve been trying to figure out if with the right combination of cables and connections I can turn an mag into rechargeable battery pack for my future weapons, don’t know if that’s any help here tho


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Why not just make a cutout inside the frame of the foam, and leave the charging port facing the outside? There should be plenty of room inside the body if you hollow some out.
I'm in the middle of making my BR55 this very moment.