- Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons


Well my friends, I think the times come to finally put my creation up here, I'll still upgrade and fiddle with stuff but this is essentially the finished product!

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It's been one heck of an experience building this cosplay and the friends I made here on this site have made it an unforgettable one. I won't go on listing everyone but you guys know who you are, shenagagans aside you fellas made this so much more fun that I thought it could be, from the building video chats, Reach nights and clogging up threads with our nonsense you guys made this one heck of a fun time, and I thank you for that.

And don't worry this certainly isn't my last project, I gotta maaaany plans stored up in my noggin and I'll be continuing to share them here with all you fine folks.

This is your friendly neighbourhood Schankerz, making an exit
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Look awsome. Good work

Nordic Spartan

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I never posted my Shipmaster Rtas'Vadume when i compleated him on 4/1/16

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* Pics shot at the PDX Microsoft store for a event*

Everything besides the top of the helm is 3D printed! .
Est time to make and print was 500-600H
Its a mix of halo4 for the body file
and H2A for the head. I drafted all the helm parts from scratch.

Nylon/spandex blend undersuit with a lite hex on it by useing a landry bag and a can of spray paint

back spine is on a 3 inch wide elastic strap that velcros to the undersuits zipper. Thus If I move the spine follows!
boots are printed with shoes in them glued. ( used RTV) soles of boots are EVA .

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Wow great work, it looks great :D

Nordic Spartan

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Hey all thought I'd finally join the bandwagon, here are my current two halo suits, Halo 4 Master Chief made in 2013(?) and Halo 5 Kelly made in 2015/2016
I constructed both from foam, with the exception of Kelly's helmet which was 3D printed by Roshprops

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Here they are side by side at PAX Australia last year, a friend of mine is luckily just able to get into the Chief suit.

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Oooh wow! This is Soo amzingly cool! Wow! Amazing work! :D