- Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons

Old picture of the first iteration of my Miranda Keyes costume! Almost finished with V.2, hopefully will have it done in the next couple weeks


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Hello, I am finally finishing my 3D printed Halo 4 Master Chief armor, after many tests and repeating some parts up to 3 times this is the final result, I also built a suit for my daughter from Kai 125 built in foam and some parts in 3d printing and I am very happy to be able to go to a duo convention with my daughter, I wanted to thank 405th, I could not have built these costumes without the files and patterns available here for free, thanks to the creators and all that people who have explained in detail how they made their constructions, thank you all very much (translated by Google)
The gaskets are foam, their detached directly to the armor, so I went to the unders is foam that has been skinned with Yaya Han stretch fabric

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