Halo 2 Anniversary ODST build foam; 2nd cosplay with foam


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Hey y'all, I've seen very little cosplays of the Halo 2 Anniversary ODST. I really like the design of these guys and it looked like something that would have been simple to do and more comfortable for moving around in at a convention for 7+ hours. Got the helmet going along with all the pieces and the black camo BDU. Big shout out to OTSDerpy and Dagger06, their own builds on this ODST were very helpful in freehanding stuff out, and mardJaderp for posting unfolds for the anniversary armor that were also helpful in making the chest. Everything else was made via the armory

Still gotta smooth the pieces out and paint them; overall pretty happy with the build



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ITS LOOKING AWESOME! I'm curious if you used film for the visor or what cause its super shiny and tbh quite pretty
thanks man! The visor was basically a cut out face shield that was tinted with blue window tint on amazon; plus lots and lots of hair pulling trial and error to get it to look smooth
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