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Google searched the closest looking shark grin and found this one. Printed it a few times then mocked it up. Cut part of the stencil then traced, cut, traced again. I hand painted it to get as neat as I could.

277855800_498604985258935_5248304001422504783_n.jpg 278470881_1180817352663402_6344623082148642624_n.jpg 277436802_1359151061164626_5726360575424715372_n.jpg 277964590_962685581107350_8975380625583505409_n.jpg


Hello, Since I have been MIA on building props or being active on here, I figure it was time to slowly crawl out of the hole and build something. That something is another Flamethrower from Halo 3. First thing is I built a new frame for the flamethrower.
View attachment 314116
I used 3/4 inch PVC pipe for the frame.
View attachment 314117
Then I made this part for the fuel canister and used a bowl as a go to for lining it up.
View attachment 314118
This will be the inner part of the canister. It is 5.5 inches wide.
View attachment 314119
Once I made the inner part I made the outer parts with 1 inch tall on both sides.
View attachment 314120
Once again I used a bowl to trace it out. You can get a cheap bowl from Walmart.
View attachment 314121
I cut it at a 45 degree angle
. View attachment 314122
Glued it on to both sides.

View attachment 314123
I kinda eyed it up from the toy and measured some of this part.
View attachment 314124
Made a couple then glued it together.
View attachment 314125
One of my friends mentioned I should use quarters as spacing but I figure I use the Rockstar tabs.
View attachment 314126
Cut 28 of these parts out to put it in.
View attachment 314127
View attachment 314128
This is what its at currently above.
View attachment 314129 View attachment 314130
This is version 1.
This is wicked cool!!!

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