Halo 3: Marines Are You Still Out There?

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GySgt Beaudoin said:
Are you the same Fightstar that I know and love from cobracares.com? ;)

Why yes I am. I thought you looked familiar! How are things in the North my friend? I need to shot you a PM about some Colonial Marine info. Until then it's back to work around this join!
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any marines? hell yes there is. just look at all these fine marines ready to be droped from a HEV any time above any were. all marines can i get an OOO-RAAAH

So I got some pictures taken today of some Marine pieces (kindly sent to me from Project003). I'll be finishing them up in the coming months and getting them ready to cast in the winter. So I'll let you all know when you can grab one for pretty cheap.




- Adulese
I've been working on some marine armor for some time, im shooting to get it done before halo-ween. I just need to make the gut plate and work out my strapping. BTW if anyone has a link to a good thread for the strapping toss me a PM or something.
I am really glad i found this thread, my plan is to get my spartan armor done up then work on a Marine style armor just in case: A. i go to a convention and someone is already wearing his Spartan armor and i can hop into my marine armor and walk around with him as his bodygaurd, and B. i can go to an event and choose to either be the marine or MC...

Also i plan on making tons of different styles of the suit's and people just for randomness at con's or anywhere else!

So yes there will be a new Marine around when i am through!
Flyerfye said:
I've seen a few marines about lately, some in more completed states than others.

There were these guys who just finished theirs in time for the ODST release In This Thread, I thought they did a pretty awesome job. I know there are more that I've seen in the past few weeks, but that's the only one I was able to dig up quickly. But they're out there! Personally, doing a marine is on my "someday somehow" list.

Thanks for the nod and kind words! Sorry I couldn't post it myself; I haven't been able to spend nearly as much time here at the 405th as I would like. :(

How are fellow marines progressing?

There was a post somehere in here about BDUs. Our Calgary squad chose the American digital camo ACU's. Hope this helps.
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My chest piece has been finished off and my helmet is almost completely smooth. Working on getting a back plate from cadet.

~ Joe
For any of you other prospective Marines, I have lost the drive to finish my Marine project, and would like to see it go into the hands of someone wanting to do a Marine.
Cadet said:
For any of you other prospective Marines, I have lost the drive to finish my Marine project, and would like to see it go into the hands of someone wanting to do a Marine.

That's too bad. Any reason why you've "lost the drive?"

Hopefully it can go to a good home.
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I am currently working on the H3 Marine myself as well with it not thaving that many parts I have'nt been having that much of a problem making the pep files and the problems with my hands are at least getting better to were I can do more cutting. Thank heavens as soon as I get my back pay from the state of arkansas I'm buying one of those CraftROBO machines to cut for me. But I'll be seeing you at MegaCon for 2010 if you plan on going.
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