Halo 3 or new Star Wars game?

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Nova Chief

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Have y'all heard of that new game Star Wars:The Force Unleashed? Well my friend wants to know which game would people pick. Personally I would only pick Halo 3. What do you think about the two games?
Off topic but Red posted on Feb 22. he said he was "gone" Feb 20-25. EERY :eek

Sorry but definetly Halo by a long shot. What is more fun- pistol whipping a bunch of grunts or using a blaster to shoot some dude in white armor. :mrgreen:
I know i saw his post after i posted mine. Just thought it was kinda funny. Obvoiusly he doesn't trust u and Sean, link, if he has "check" up on the site. ;-) ;-) Just Kidding....
Maybe for good reason? :dee:


hEH... nah actually I got a belated birthday message too, so he just stopped by.. Just to make sure the place wasn't on fire and Mom's Ferrari wasn't in the lake. :hyper:
haha or if he didnt put to many miles on it and try to put it up on jacks to put the car in reverse to take the miles off but it fell went out the window
*Cameron freaks out and goes catatonic for the next 2 hrs... followed by jumping in the pool and trying to drown himself*

Bueler,, ....Bueler? Anyone?

Sorry, :$fftopic: but funny nontheless. Red, you're missing a good time!
I did too, but I wasn't sure I haven't seen the whole movie just the start and a few other parts, but I like the system he has rigged with the door bell
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