Halo 4/5 master chief armor high poly 3d printeble for you!

Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by CarterBuilder12, May 21, 2016.

  1. CarterBuilder12


    I will for sure make a tutorial when I get the time. ;)
  2. ReClaimer8015


    i'm patient.....:)
  3. tijojo98

    tijojo98 Jr Member

    am i wasting plastic by printing with 5mm perimeter im trying to have great durability and drop resistance and save the most plastic i can since i have 800$ of budget for the whole suit
  4. kaween


    You know, 5mm perimeter is quite massive. Not to mention it will be heavy too.
    But strength and durability doesn't only depend on perimeter : what type of filament you use (even brand and batch), what temperature and speed you print at, what layer height and speed : ALL have a significant influence on strength of the endproduct.

    My advise to you : build ONE piece which you can test : in my case, I took a forearm. See how it behaves in terms of strength/weight ratio. There's no point in pushing through heaps of plastic when you're not certain how it will behave and the only way to get a clear picture of that is to make one or several testpieces and look how they act.
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  5. RobotChicken


    5mm is huge and gonna be heavy. Remember you're printing in essentially plastic rather than pepping cardstock, so you can go down to 1 or 2 mm and still be quite strong. You could print just thick enough for the model to hold its shape well after printing and then glass the inside for increased strength, lighter weight, and less printer filament used.
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  6. tijojo98

    tijojo98 Jr Member

    im sorry to bring the bad news but there are still parts on the right front side of the chest theat have 3 solid wall and no infill inside ;( on the side of the right square part i cant afford to reprint the part since its the 3rd time i print it and im now in the no 2nd chance zone because im out of money do you guys think i can fill it with bondo

    EDIT nevermind this post i just saw it is the separation between the cylinder part and the square part hahahah

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  7. CarterBuilder12


    haha! was just about to point that out that it doesn't look like it is an error. Just keep printing your stuf and belive that it is correct, if not just fix it in post. :)
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  8. tijojo98

    tijojo98 Jr Member

    for the v2 shin there is only one side of the shin is there a way to flip it ? :)
  9. CarterBuilder12


    You can just mirror it in meshmixer. ;)
  10. tijojo98

    tijojo98 Jr Member

    i tried to separate the two top side part of the v2 shin in meshmixer lie they were in the v1 but it always put the fulll shin in orange is there a way to do this ? :)
  11. CarterBuilder12


    Hi man! I am truely sorry for that error, hadn't realised that i had managed to upload the wrong file... I have updated the link now ;) so now all should be right.
  12. tijojo98

    tijojo98 Jr Member

    no problem buddy everybody do mistake :)
  13. Dirtsen

    Dirtsen Member

    I've printed the Chest part and noticed somethings missing. Pictures say more than a thousand words... so here goes:
    I'm talking about the black part in the middle. The screenshot is from the in-game model. I thought about separating it and making a high res model for 3d-printing. But then again, it looks like best way to go about this is to make it out of foam and adding the details by hand. So I made a Pepakura file and added the textures to make it easier to put the details in by hand.

    Here is a LINK to the file

    Attention: The scale of this Pep file is at 90% of the original files from Carterbuilder12. So depending on the scale you use, you need to scale it accordingly.
  14. mblackwell1002


    Dirtsen, Carterbuilder already posted a pep file for that foam detailing piece about 2 months ago... ;)
  15. CarterBuilder12


    As mblackwell said i have allready made one, but it's always fine to more versions of it sincs i feel mine wasn't quite as i wanted it to come out. :)
  16. Dirtsen

    Dirtsen Member

    Ah, crap... I'm behind... Haven't seen that. Sorry guys!
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  17. CarterBuilder12


    no problem man ;)
  18. Distemper


    This is awesome work. Do you happen to have these for a foam build?
  19. CarterBuilder12


    I pretty sure that master builder have made foam files. Just go in the armory to the halo 4 section to find master chief and foam files.
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  20. Nopalito Acuoso

    Nopalito Acuoso

    Wow, I will be waiting for this armor, I really love the "noble" armor
  21. resbalador

    resbalador New Member

    Thank you @CarterBuilder12 for this job! Its awesome.

    Im Resbalador, from Spain. A newcomer here ;)

    Im 3d printing this armor, and i have a question about the undersuit.

    With the 3d Printed parts... how i fit them into the under suit?

    I have some parts like the shin armors, with the apropiate size, there is some space between my leg and the part. Im gonna refill this space with foam (eva goum here). But, the problem is: how i fit then to the under suit? any trick?
  22. CarterBuilder12


    Hi man!

    I really can't answer you on that because i haven't gotten there myself yet. So you have to experiment a little. ;)
  23. CarterBuilder12


    Update time!

    Yeah i have done some work as when i reached certain parts and the caused problems.

    So i have tweaked the butt plate. Redone the backpack and Fornt under chest part (or FUCP for short) xD
    Links will be in the first post shortly after i post this.


    And lastly i will announce the the helmet will be redone too, so stay tuned ;)

    Kristian out!
  24. CarterBuilder12


    I totally forgot a part i redid too...

    The forearm have been redone, more accurate than ever.
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  25. Kusak3


    Make sure if your printing the helmet check your sizing. Straight print from the file will result in a helmet that fits a small head. we had printed one that was given away at Sci Fi Valley con for a charity auction and it was just fine near as I can determine it was warped a bit. Had a hard time assembling it but would fit Ashuraa very close. Re printed it exactly the same and now its small enough it doesnt fit over her ears. So added an inch in width and as soon as I get printing the M7 and the M6H it is up for another go around.

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