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Halo 4/5 master chief armor high poly 3d printeble for you!

Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by CarterBuilder12, May 21, 2016.

  1. Galanionn

    Galanionn New Member

    Hello everyone,
    I have a problem with the reactors (rear torso). I cut the piece in 2 to print it, but the printing time is about 45 hours ... someone would have unfilled parts and just with a thickness of 5mm?
    Thank you for your work and thank you in advance for your answers!
  2. CarterBuilder12


    Hi! you have to hollow them in for example meshmixer with a thickness of 5mm, then cut them in two. ;)
  3. Galanionn

    Galanionn New Member

    Thank you CarterBuilder12, I will try with Meshmixer!
    With Blender it does not work well ...
  4. bestellen

    bestellen New Member

    It's hollow with a 4mm wall thickness which I find to be the perfect thickness on my Ultimaker2. If there are people interested in the altered version, let me know.
  5. Galanionn

    Galanionn New Member

    Hello, I'm always interested! So I can compare with my pieces
    Thank you for sharing !!
  6. tijojo98

    tijojo98 Jr Member

    after making it hollow this is what happen when i try to make an inside 5mm shell

    Attached Files:

  7. CarterBuilder12


    Hmm... That's weird.

    When i do it there are no problems.


    No offens, but are you sure you are doing it right?
  8. tijojo98

    tijojo98 Jr Member

    honnestly im really not sure hhahah
  9. Galanionn

    Galanionn New Member

    I think you have a problem ...

    For me this worked well with Meshmix and the tool "Hollow".
    Thanks CarterBuilder12!

    Attached Files:

  10. tijojo98

    tijojo98 Jr Member

    i honnestly dont know how to split it when its hollow and i split it only splice the exterior shell i tried to find tutorial but i dont find anything good
  11. Blu

    Blu New Member

    What it the best software to upload these files to and resize and slice with?
  12. CarterBuilder12


    Try using the new files I released a short time ago. I think you are using the old files, I tested them now and see that there is some problems with them there.

    I would say you should use meshmixer.
  13. kaween


    tijojo98 : considering you also had odd issues with the display on S3D, isn't it possible you're looking at display errors and not so much model result errors ? Did you get a better result on that part you showed the gfx corruption with ? Because in all honesty, I don't really see how you could get into issues there. Otherwise, make it hollow first, save it, import it in NetFabb and see how the split works there.

    As far as the odd display situation you showed a couple of posts earlier : there's an option in S3D
    to force compatibility with VGA card drivers, might be worth looking into. Certainly if you're using an older style ATI card or Intel integrated GFX, this can go seriously sideways.

    Hah, it depends on who you ask and their personal preference. I'm totally a NetFabb man myself when it comes to slicing but I admit the free version is somewhat limited (just cutting over the full axis, which can be very limiting). But at least NetFabb doesn't crash like 2 times per minute on more complex models like Meshmixer does on me every time I'm trying to do something serious (be it OSX or Windows doesn't make a difference). Which I find really sad as I really TRY to like Meshmixer, it has a couple of really nice tools inside, but Meshmixer is determined to drive me crazy each time I try to use it by throwing me a fatal software error in my face when I just dare to look at it.

    Just a quick test : hollowed in Meshmixer, cut in Netfabb :


    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jan 21, 2017
  14. tijojo98

    tijojo98 Jr Member

    ok guys im sorry i tried my best to make it hllow and cut it without having the hole filled and im unable to do it hahah i have zero knowledge in 3d modeling i barely know how to use cura hahahahha i got simplify 3d for Christmas and i dont understand anything hahahahn so is there a kind person that could send me both hollow jetpack at a 0.9114 scale it would be realy appreciated because i dont have the money to do both jetpack with infill at the middle i will destroy my student budget for my pilot liscence hahah you can send it to me on my email which is tijojo98@gmail.com thanks guys
  15. kaween


    "You have mail".

    Yeahyeah, just admit you need the space to stash the booze. :D
    As for the "i don't understand anything", don't worry, I don't either. I just pretend. :confused:

    But yeah, reminds me to start up the common-place "tips and tricks 3D thread" here soon. (or anybody else can do it too winkwink) as it would a lot of people so it would seem.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2017
  16. tijojo98

    tijojo98 Jr Member

    thank you so much :D
  17. tijojo98

    tijojo98 Jr Member

    hi ia am currently printing the v2 torso this part and when i print it theres is a part of the print really thin and ampty then there is an edge that doesnt figure on the model i know i did a lot of troubleshoot in the last week im starting to think it might be on my side saddly but maybe someone would know what is my problem upload_2017-1-22_16-56-59.png its the dar triangle spot on the print in my picture sorry my phone have a really bad camera i saw it is the beginning of the printing of the rectangle thing but it doesnt print it linked to the rest of the print i scanned the part for holes in netfabb but nothing i hop this hole is gonna close itself at one time so i can fill it and avoid re printing

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jan 22, 2017
  18. CarterBuilder12


    Hey man!

    This is not your fault! ;) I am looking in to it now to see if I can fix it :) sorry for the inconvenience.


    For quick-fix: If you have windows 10, use 3d builder wich is a integrated software in win 10. Take it in there, then go to the edit tab and pick combine or weld, don't know what it's called in english in that program (mine is in norwegian, that's why i don't know that).

    I will do this too and re upload the parts, but this can probably take longer, depending on when you read this it might allready be up.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2017
  19. CarterBuilder12


    You are all guinea pigs fixing my errors so I don't need to worry when I am printing them! Mohahaha! :devil:

    Just kidding :p I am very greatful for the feadback so I can pick out the errors that is hidden within that i don't spot before i release them.

    I have fixed the fault in the chest plate, it was a dum thing i should have noticed... I have re-uploaded the zip files, note i have only fixed the the seperate chest plate not the file with all the parts.

    It might be that i fixes the complete torso so it don't contain that error tomorrow.

    Link: Torso v2.zip
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2017
    tijojo98 and mblackwell1002 like this.
  20. tijojo98

    tijojo98 Jr Member

    thanks a lot :) im gonna print the normal file any way and i might re print it when i will have more money and drill in the hole and find something to fill it or maybe if i send you my sliced piece you would be able to do it if you dont mind so i dont have to slice it again :) is it on both side if it is i will send you both
  21. kaween


    Well tbh, on a project like this, there's bound to be some issues no matter how careful you are. It's nearly impossible to catch all the potential problems prior to print and considering the size and complexity of this thing, you've been doing a fantastic job imho.

    PS : By the way Kristian, I'm sure nobody on earth would notice, but by mirroring the Y - axis during the creation of the armour, the allen screws' writing on the top have become mirrored too. :D (in V2 at least). :D

    PPS : oh yes, daddy likes this :



    Nothing done on it, pulled of the printbed looking like that so cleanup is still needed.

    Single part print, ABS+, 0,2mm height, 6 wall shell in total, 20% infill (which considering it's nearly all WALL doesn't say that much). Printed on a 300USD-in-parts, self assembled Delta Machine. Took approx 50 hours of print time. Temperature was a bit too low, next part will be printed hotter.

    Comes of the printbed like that. Not 100% clean, but the afterwork on this is pretty minimal.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2017
  22. kaween


    ... groupped message
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2017
  23. CarterBuilder12


    The problem is that there is multiple parts on the chest that was... shal we say seperate? yes, lets say that. They hadn't merged when i put it through the fixer for some reason. So the problem is that there will be multiple cavities around on the chest plate so i strongly sugest you re-slice/re-cut the chest plate. If you send me all the cut files of the chest plate I can re-cut it for you fast at the same places you have done so you can use the part you are allready printing. :)

    HAHAHA! That i hadn't thought about at all. xD That is something I wont fix since no one will notice when it's printed since it is so small. ;)

    The thigh looks amazing, wouldn't mind doing that myself so I wouldn't have to weld the parts. :p
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2017
  24. kaween


    Hehe. Yup. I also need to check up on all the light ports needed on this armor. It's a bit stupid to first print them and then cut them out. Can just as well modify the appropriate locations so they are created during the printing stage.

    The parts are done at 0.15 btw, not 0.20. The first testprint was done in .20.
    CarterBuilder12 likes this.
  25. ReClaimer8015


    Getting started with the helmet myself - printed with PLA on Ultimaker Original, layer thickness is about 0,1mm.
    Will need a few parts due the small dimensions (max. 200 x 200 x 210 mm), takes a little too much support material in my opinion (unfortunately it partialy melted together with the main structure and was not easy to remove...) old printer fails sometimes, haha:lol: have to clean that thing up anyway....
    Actually my first attempt to print a prop. Huge thanks to CarterBuilder12 for the files - searched the whole web for that:)
    As kaween mentioned, a tutorial on pla welding would be highly appreciated. WP_20170128_12_34_12_Pro.jpg

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