Halo 4 & 5 Spartan Undersuit Parts

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    My gawd man, this is Awesome
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    Not right now. The undersuit parts will be available as a kit before Christmas- if everything goes to plan.

    I got pretty far on this before dragoncon - then hit some time crunches and switched to something a little less challenging to pull off in time- a wearable Fallout Eyebot and a revamp of some Skyrim Dragonbone armor.

    Anyways, I'd last prepared most of the undersuit hard parts, and procured a mask and an arm 3d model.
    Next was patterning out the undersuit-
    21072988684_fe01fb9537_z.jpg Untitled 21507750180_ab62b0c0a5_z.jpg Untitled

    But things seemed off - the mask ended up being a little large on my body, and I haven't got a Spartan physique - I'm gangly, long-limbed. So I opted to build the undersuit over some foam muscles - sort of like a lightweight musclesuit. The patterns got ripped up and thrown away. I made some basic torso and upper arm muscle patterns and cut them from super soft foam, then sculpted them roughly to shape with scissors and careful side cuts. They were glued onto the base spandex morphsuit with Barge cement.

    21669626166_e38a147cc9_z.jpg Untitled 21074697103_0d063a92da_z.jpg Untitled

    Much better proportions, considering the source material. So I re-taped it and started back at patterns.

    21670062666_9fd5e2d8a3_c.jpg Untitled 21508292258_965d5457d3_c.jpg Untitled

    I've yet to solve the base hex fabric problem in a way I can accept, but I'm on test #6 or so. Underarmor parts will be molded soon, as well. More as it happens.
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    He's doing the "Just Do It!" pose from Shia Laboeuf's video
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    This is some incredible work! I'd be interested in a kit. Do you have a rough idea on cost and what parts would be included?
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    This is an amazing idea. If you sell kits, I think I would be interested for my own suit. Keep up the great work!
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    Re: Halo 4 & 5 Spartan Undersuit Parts

    Looking Good!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Looking Good!
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    Looking great guys. I have two idea for the remainder of the undersuit (the Hexed pieces). they both involve a 3d model of those parst ( w/o hex pattern ). once they are modeled in 3d, separate the individual sections [ chest - upper back, stomache - lower back, upper arms / shoulders, lower arms / fore arms, cod, Thighs, calfs. etc. ( do this so that you can size each individual section in pepakura)
    flip the normals in the 3d modeling program OR wait and flip the faces in Pepakura.

    for a molded looking suit (foam, silicone, latex):
    - cut and Pep or 3d print inverted parts
    - put together the parts to creat your "inverted mold." of each separated body section.
    - spray the insides with heavy duty adhesive
    - line the "inverted mold" with loose mesh netting ( purchase at your local fabric store. I get mine from Jo-ann fabrics)
    - seal inverted molds with acrylic sealer spray {let is dry}
    - spread your medium (latex, silicon, foam) inside of the mold. be sure to get it into all the nooks of the netting ((let that cure))
    - " you get the rest"

    For a Fabric suit.
    - purchase aluminum Mesh [like the one you have pictured on first page], purchase the fabric, and Puffy / 3D fabric paint. i go to Jo-Ann fabric for both.
    - create fabric patterns, either in 3d program or using pepakura (there's a Tut out there make sure there is flange)
    - trace patterns onto the fabric ( but do not cut them yet)
    - flip the fabric over, place the aluminum mesh on top and roll / spray ( brushing takes forever)
    - remove the mesh and repeat until fabric is covered. (let the paint puff up and dry)
    - cut out the paterns, pieces together, and stitch

    the coolest thing about this method. "IT'S DOWNLOADABLE"
    i have tested thes techniques on small models but never had a proper 3d model to build an entire suit. plus i had my worries about replicating the nonhex portions of the suit. But you have that solution. if any one can point me to a 3d model of the undersuit, i would love to make a tut about peicing this together. thanks
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    Looking great guys
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    Such amazing detail!
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    Wow, it'll be awesome :D
  12. Vrogy


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    That kit is looking great! If you were ever planning on selling a kit, I would seriously consider one.
  14. Vrogy


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    yeeeesssss! I seriously cant wait to get my hands on one of these kits!
  16. Thefabricator


    i cant remember who or where i got it from but i have an obj undersuit file if you want it i can email it to you ?

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    I hate to ask, but do you have a link to the amazon page for the hex sheet metal you used? I have done countless searches and all I come up with is cheap car grill replacement material. I'm looking for something more substantial, like what you have. Thanks.
  18. Termhn


    I would definitely be interested in buying one of these depending on the price.
  19. Vrogy


    I literally have 4 Fallout kits in various stages(10mm, alien blaster, kremvh's tooth, minigun), but I've put some more time into undersuit parts lately.

    HIPS has to be glued together with epoxy, which along with part warping means seams.
    24495878413_6112220c74_z.jpg 24495877983_65f46d3b65_z.jpg




    Spine is seamed together too, one more putty and primer pass should do it.

    No pictures, but the neck bit is good to go as well.

    I got a quote from a screenprinting place around the corner from the shop I work at - large puffy paint-screenprinted hex grids on spandex can be done and is affordable. I think, layered with open-cell foam, it could be a viable undersuit base material. We'll see how the samples turn out.
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    Again, super excited about all the progress on this!

    looks outstanding! Just have a question about the HIPS. Does it friction weld well using a dremel or other rotary tool? because that fills in seams very nicely, and can be sanding down relatively painlessly. Could also save you some cash on the putty if the gaps need a lot of passes.
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    wow very well done! do tou have an estimated price for these badboys?
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    I know your still doing estimates of prices. Are you considering individual part pricing also? I would be interested in the whole back/spine area.
  24. Huntress217


    Not sure if this helps, but I actually sewed neodymium magnets into my undersuit so that my smaller undersuit pieces attatch/detatch easily and appear to "float." This makes it easy to wash, but I've never put it in a machine because of all the snaps and magnets. I usually hand wash mine in my sink.
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    Are you going to release these files so we can make them? :)

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