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Halo 4 & 5 Spartan Undersuit Parts

Discussion in 'Halo Soft Parts' started by Vrogy, May 24, 2015.

  1. Pappa Midnight

    Pappa Midnight Jr Member

    Sorry for the delay. I have been without a computer since they (both) decide to crash within a week of each other. But I have a new one now and as soon as my 16GB Ram upgrade and my new SSD upgrade get here I am going to pump out a soft suit using my method. Thefabricator if you still have the 3d file I would like to take a look at it and start getting it ready to go. I will send a message so that we can start a conversation about making the first downloadable soft suit technique happen.

  2. Pappa Midnight

    Pappa Midnight Jr Member

    I just wanted to let you all know that I am still working on the "downloadable Udersuit". Although most of the work that i have done is R&D and beginning to write the tutorials, I wanted to post some pics in this thread. I am still working on a 3D model/ Pep file (slowly). I am still asking if anyone would like to model the undersuit? if so let me know as this could move the downloadable undersuit closer to reality, because a 3d model is the only thing that is missing.
    ok R&D updates:
    two diferent test cards - the blue is made for superior flex and stretch , while the silver is made for medium flex and stiffer applications (liike boots or the "hard pieces" on undersuit)

    this is demonstration of the blue flexing freely after droping it on the table. also the blue is a costom color I mixed a pearl into it. can you tell?

    I wanted to make something that I could wear. i grabbed an old guantlet pep file and gave it a try.
    also notice the two different colors. the guantlet is black but i wanted to show that you can paint it. i used a little silver (sorry about blotches, i ran out of silver)

    So i kind of poked a few holes in the gauntlet when i was removing it from the pep model. Self note: "Dont Use anything sharp to remove it from the model".
    but it still holds together even when i flex my arm.

    So to recap: I can do the hex patterns (or any pattern), It has some stretch, I can add colors to it (any color - including but not shown - Metalics, Glitter flakes, Neon florescent and glow in the dark colors.) most importantly I can use a downloadable pep file as the base to make the the suit in three different ways. *Unfolding and glueing pep together does differ from traditional methods*
  3. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

    Hello Pappa Midnight! Thank you for all of the information. However, can I suggest that it would be better to start your own thread with all of this rather than combining it with Vrogy 's thread. While we highly encourage participation in the threads of other members, the threads themselves can get quickly clogged up and sort of hard to follow if several different builds happen within one thread. I'd hate to see yours or anyone else's get lost in the shuffle or make Vrogy's build confusing to anyone coming in later. Thanks so much!
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 22, 2017
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  4. Daschlenn

    Daschlenn Member

    Yeah, I just decided to a spartan with an accurate undersuit, which for the most part will be foam musculature on top and underneath Morph suits! Have to say I'd be interested in getting all 3D modelled parts as well! :D
  5. serenko3

    serenko3 405th Regiment Officer

    you inspire me to get a 3d printer. your work looks great. a cheap way to go now that you have your solid original pieces would be to start vacuforming, if you did that I would purchase from you.
  6. bestellen

    bestellen New Member

    He's doing the "Just Do It!" pose from Shia Laboeuf's video
  7. TwinMustang


    That's incredible. I can't wait to see the finished product
  8. Uscstaylor

    Uscstaylor New Member

    Any idea on how much this would cost when ready to sell. Ill be the first in line. Thanks
  9. Garebear

    Garebear New Member

    Any word on whether or not you'll add these 3D files to the archive? These parts are all Im missing to complete my collection to being fabrication and Im sure everyone else here is dying to get their hands on such great 3D models of their undersuits! Amazing work!
  10. Chernobyl


    Probably not - Vrogy's a master at the work he puts in, but he's also fully within his rights to keep those models private. However, we're working on getting some guidelines for undersuits completed by the end of the year, and hopefully we'll also have some resources that'll help you fabricate your own parts pretty easily and accurately.
    Vrogy likes this.
  11. TutlarAce06


    Re: Halo 4 & 5 Spartan Undersuit Parts

    I hope so.

    - - - Updated - - -

    This is an awesome build btw. lol
  12. Epsilon

    Epsilon New Member

    I would love to have the 3D files of those (or even pepakura files), awesome work!
  13. kaween


    Looking forward to the result of the initiative Cherry pointed at.
    If it turns up empty, I'll step in with a solution in 2017 based upon the excellent work posted on this thread.. :angel
  14. mblackwell1002



    FFA undersuit?
    was that a hint?

    that's what I'm hoping for, Kawe..(cough)MasterPrinter the wise(cough)
  15. kaween


    No hint. No promise.
    More like a commitment and considering the long overdue nature of such a thing, a _logical step_ unless somebody else steps in first.
  16. Vrogy


    If anyone's interested in partnering with me to mold and produce kits from the finished masters I have in hand, please send me a PM. I have the groundwork done and materials in hand but no time for this lately.
  17. Vrogy


    The undersuit parts project has been assumed by an able Alabamian.
    Jackshadow likes this.
  18. mblackwell1002


    sweet. I was considering it, but I am far too busy. I'll probably purchase a set in the future, though.
  19. EndlessForrest


    Very Helpful Thanks!

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