Foam Halo 4 Rogue helmet


Hello everyone! I'm back again with another helmet build and this time, I'm making the Halo 4 Rogue helmet for my Gen 2 armor set. I'm thinking it's time I have a "chrome dome" helmet of my own. (That's what I call helmets with big visors)

To start things off, I cut out the visor first because that's the most difficult part. On the first few days, I tried cutting the visor with a hacksaw and that took me hours to do, so I borrowed a dremel from my sibling that has the saw attachment.

For the helmet base, I'm using 8mm eva foam, and I used a new bevel cutter that helped me greatly when cutting the pieces out.

Around yesterday I glued the helmet base very carefully and put painters tape early to make the process easier.

As I'm typing right now, the visor is being glued and I'm priming the helmet base with pasti dip. I hope the end result is great!


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Last night I finished up the Rogue helmet mostly by gluing the visor first, then attaching it to the helmet base. I tried to cover the hot glue marks on the visor by outlining it with foam clay and making a blue outline.


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