Halo 5 Gravity Hammer 3D Print


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I made a Halo 5 Gravity Hammer for 3D printing. Here is my small scale test print at about 1/4 size. I modeled it to be as close to the real thing as I possibly know how to make it but with a few minor changes to speed up the modeling process and make printing it easier.

I'm going to put the model up on cosplay and model marketplaces for about $50 for those that want to print it themselves but in the meantime, I'm selling it for $10 to the first 30 or so people. If you are interested here is the paypal link: Gravity Hammer Fund

I'm thinking of doing a High-quality H3 ghost model after this if I can get this project full funded.

If you guys ahve any tips about printing or resin casting large props like this please let me know. I'm a game artist so this kind of stuff is pretty new to me.

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TechTree Stuff is awesome folks!

Dropped the donation and gotten the files from him right away. and bless my soul the details on this is C-R-A-Z-Y!

It's a steal so do drop that 'chip in' before it's all gone~ A real deal indeed



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Wow this looks sooo good. Problem is I would never be able to print this to fill scale D:

You did an absolutly amazing job though and I love the effort that went I to this