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Halo 5 Guardians Weapons For 3D Print

Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by Mflanny34, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Chernobyl


    To be sure, she's a beautiful-looking weapon. If I didn't have to funnel my funds elsewhere I'd strongly consider a copy down the line.

    Impressive work, as always. Well done.
  2. Mflanny34

    Mflanny34 Member

    Thanks man, let me know...the smg is up next with the m7s options, and the preorder barrel :)
  3. mblackwell1002


    WOW, I can't say how amazing your work is... it's jawdropping! this is a job very, very well done. I'll have to check on this every few days and admire your work... again
  4. Mflanny34

    Mflanny34 Member

    Update on the shotgun, also the smg is fully printed!
    I also did a saw for a commission, no moving pieces (I may remodel it to include moving parts)

    Attached Files:

  5. nintendstroid

    nintendstroid RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    saw is gonna be cool man jeez,

    Ill add your magnum to the list real soon :)
  6. ObiJ3ff


    I have blood shooting out of my noise over the amazing pron happening here.
  7. Mflanny34

    Mflanny34 Member

    Update on the sniper work, also made a "kit" to make the magnum look like Buck's/The Whispered Truth. Ill redo the suppressor when more images are released!.

    Attached Files:

    vshore100 likes this.
  8. PiercingThread7


    Stopping by this thread and seeing how unbelievable these look gave me the nerdgasm of a lifetime. keep it up! :3
  9. SavedbyGraceG12

    SavedbyGraceG12 Well-Known Member

    Going through the thread, i haven't seen any updates on halo5 BR. Well, as far as pricing, and when kits will be available? As aways, impeccable work your putting out! Eye candy isn't enough, must find a way to raise extra funds to get my hands on a kit!
  10. Mflanny34

    Mflanny34 Member

    Hey hey hey I'm working on it. Right now the smg and sniper are up for grabs in the marketplace. Br is up next.
    Reclaimer16 likes this.
  11. Mflanny34

    Mflanny34 Member

    Sorry for the lack of updates, other things on myplate at the moment. Br should be printing soon. Hopefully ill have time to finish the shotty soon!
  12. Rec0nlukas

    Rec0nlukas New Member

    First of all, great work man. Best halo 3d models I have ever seen. I know you are currently bussy with the halo 5 models, but do you think you will ever be making a m6c socom?
  13. proteus616


    Love the work man, I am an aspiring modeler and this is the type of work I aspire to make
  14. Shadez

    Shadez New Member

    Throws kids college money thru computer screen....
  15. Fllschrimjager


    This is some amazing work you have done here love to see your stuff and love that you are 3d printing it!
  16. SpartanCC

    SpartanCC New Member

    WOW!!! Just wow i agree these are best 3d models i have ever seen! As Rec0nlukas said i would love to see an M6C SOCOM, but please don't rush, this is amazing work as it is.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 2, 2017
  17. mul12

    mul12 New Member

    Hey man my English is very bad so i don´t understand all what is written here.... so please excuse if someone just asked the question and i don´t see it. But where did you get your reference Pictures from and if it´s possible can you give them to me please? Thanks for your time and have a nice day.


  18. DapperDane

    DapperDane New Member

    Thank you for sharing your passion. Outstanding work. I would recommend to keep close hold of your SLDPRT files, although I'm sure you already have that figured out. My best wishes for your continued success.

  19. DarkScorpion

    DarkScorpion New Member

    I'll just start and finish by saying that your work is too awesome to express in words.....
  20. Mflanny34

    Mflanny34 Member

    Thanks guys, I should be doing the halo 5 classic Br scope soon, keep and eye out.
  21. Mflanny34

    Mflanny34 Member

    there we go... Image_zpsdkan7ogw.png

    Attached Files:

  22. Mflanny34

    Mflanny34 Member

  23. CarterBuilder12


  24. Mflanny34

    Mflanny34 Member

    Battle rifle is actually going to be produced my Dutch Props :)
    m073 and CarterBuilder12 like this.
  25. Locus

    Locus New Member

    Can you do some more work on the assault rifle... I am making an assault rifle laser tag system and this will help a lot as I then have a printable base that I can work with, which will save me a hell of a lot of time.

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