Halo 5 Guardians Weapons For 3D Print

Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by Mflanny34, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Locus

    Locus New Member

    How can I access the printable files? Can I even access the printable files in the first place?
  2. tijojo98

    tijojo98 Jr Member

    You cant it will be sold in mold casted product

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  3. CommanderPalmer


    Actually you're wrong. Irish Cowboy sells files or offers printing service...

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    Actually you're wrong. Irish Cowboy sells files or offers printing service... unless he offers specific casts, this is what he normally offers.
  4. tijojo98

    tijojo98 Jr Member

    Oh ok thanks :)

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  5. Locus

    Locus New Member

    Can you send me the 3d printing files for the halo 5 assault rifle... Locus
  6. Ashgro


    Locus read the messages before this you can probebly buy them but they are not free
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  7. CommanderPalmer


    No one will send you the files. They are NOT free. Irish Cowboy is writing every where that he SELLS his work, but doesn't give for free.
    You said you visited his facebook page, then surely did not miss that.

    It's pointless for begging for the files for free when he is selling them... unless you're ready to pay, you won't be getting these.
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  8. Invictuss

    Invictuss New Member

    This is truly some high quality craftsmanship here! Nkt to pry into the personal but, do you have experience gun smithing? I've actually machined a few of my own rifles and the mechanisms and parts I'm seeing are pretty true to form on what I've seen on actual weaponry. Kudos on the designs these are sick!!!
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  9. Vulcan Armory

    Vulcan Armory New Member

    You thought out every single part...incredible. I really love the rendering too. What 3D modeling program do you use? I use Autodesk Inventor Professional. Seriously, beautiful work
  10. Private Jenkins

    Private Jenkins

  11. Fudz073

    Fudz073 Member

    I'll have to agree with the rest as well. Very beautiful work. If I may ask, what 3d printer do use? I have an I3V prusa from makerfarm and I have yet to achieve the fine quality prints you seem to churning out (Despite my best efforts!) Either way, continue the great work.
  12. Mflanny34

    Mflanny34 Member

    Work begins on the Hydra yet again, lets bring this thread back from the dead! Updates soon...

    Also here are the br renders that never got uploaded 11754376_790233777759419_8935611275510743217_o.jpg 11732031_790233727759424_7601684477406388061_o.jpg I never uploaded

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  13. kaween


    hehehehe. ;)
  14. tijojo98

    tijojo98 Jr Member

    do you have picture of the result 3d printed ? :)
  15. Mflanny34

    Mflanny34 Member

    All of my modeling has been moved to Irish Cowboy Props on facebook, feel free to message me there.

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