Halo 5 Noble Armor Build (First Build, W.I.P)

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What Colors should I use?

  1. Blue secondary-Black

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  2. Blue Secondary-Red

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  3. White Secondary-Red

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  4. Snow Camo

  5. Desert Camo

  1. SkyBox

    SkyBox New Member

    Hey guys! This is gonna be my first build and I have decided to base it off of my favorite armor from halo 5, That being the Noble armor set!
    Currently I am very early in creating this and have only just started on the forearms
    I plan to start with the forearms as previously stated then move on to the legs, lastly the main chest piece

    After I get all the pieces finished Ill apply Fiberglass to the inside, and bondo to the outside, after I finish the bondo stage I will try to make a mold out of it just in case I want to make more in the future... if this is a bad idea You got time to tell me.

    Then I will work on cutting out the visor and painting the mold... probably with very similer colors to the picture listed above. and ill make the visor out of tinted plastic.. *Probably*

    Something I have yet to figure out is how to use my silhouette cameo with the pep files, I am looking up on youtube how to do this however I dont have the money to buy the Full version of the program if anyone has any ideas on what I could do for this that would be awesome.
    if not, I will just have to manually cut everything out.

    Again i am a newbie, so if you have any tips that would help. that would be awesome!

    I will be posting pictures to this thread when I get the chance to finish parts of the armor.
  2. Bullseye


    I tried the cameo route and you need the full program or it will just cut out the first piece of the first page. My cameo just stopped working so I had to cut everything out by hand.
  3. ReClaimer8015


    Cool, i was planning on doing this one too (or helioskrill)!
    I am just too lazy to start and have a few other props to finish.:lol:
    I am converting the pep files to obj. and continue working in another 3d programm, prreparing the files for an epilog lasercutter.
    Unfortunately you`ll need the full version of pepakura, i don`t know any 3d programm that can convert pdo.

    I will definitively follow this thread, haven`t seen anyone make this GEN2 version of the old reach Commando Mjolnir.(y)
  4. SkyBox

    SkyBox New Member

    Okay, I know this post has been very inactive and I take the blame for that. I have had some serious school problems that have been eating away at my time and I am only just now getting back to the creation of the Armor. However in my away time I have practiced with cutting and learned a few things. I also tried to make an EVA foam ODST helmet, and that... well it did not go well. Anyways its time I get back to work. Ill begin to upload photos as soon as I finish pepping a piece. I also put up a Poll for painting this, I gave a few simple options, I currently plan to go with blue and white but White and Black also looked good. And then I had a real bad Idea. to try and make a Camo design. I currently live in California so I put desert camo but I put snow camo cause I like it way more. Anyways Ill let you guys pick, expect my next post to have pictures.

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