Halo CE Mountain Dew Themed Helm


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I made a helmet back during October 2012. This was during my senior year in high school and I had pulled an all-nighter to make this helmet. I had already ordered a motorcycle helmet visor. The reason as to why the visor is cracked is because I was messing with it and accidentally snapped it ("OH SNAP"). I was using hot-glue to place it in though so as you can see I still made it work. Most of it is 24-pack mountain dew soda can cardboard and for the inside I put padding from a broken back-pack. The lights on the side were hot glued and my dad found them online, they're called finger-lights. The top of the helmet where the two front cap things are, those were done with electrical tape over cardboard. Here are current day pictures. I use a normal hat to keep the helmet stable and straight with the head so it doesn't wobble. If you have any questions about what I might do in the future or any ideas please let me know or message me. Hope ya'll like it, I've known of the 405th since like Freshman year of high school and life mostly got in the way of me being active and immersed with the rest of my Halo family here...

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