Halo CE Stencils for suits


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Hello All,

So seeing everyone decorate their totes and armor made me want to start making some stencils, so people can use them to easily decorate. This is the first set I've made to go with the first game. These were mainly meant for armor, but with a bit of resizing they can also be used for totes. Although Asgardian hammer has already made a very comprehensive guide on totes with stencils! I will make separate sheets for each game as well as ones for ODSTS and possible covenant ones if there is enough interest. Might make ones specifically for the 405th but unsure if that would be allowed. I will be posting them all here so everyone can have easy access to them, I hope you all like them.
These were all made to fit on a regular size piece of printer paper (Letter 8.5 x11in.) just cut out the stencils you want from the sheet and cut out each individual part you wish to use for your costume/tote/project. Place the stencil on with tape, then cover the surrounding area with masking tape. apply paint, then remove stencil and let paint dry. Please use these stencils responsibly.


  • halo_combat_evolved_stencil1of2.pdf
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