halo char no more

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well had it up but go really mad so no posting file for me. if that makes u guys happy just post pics if u want the file only pm yes pm well have fun
hey man just found it .look at the mc suit that every one is make were did u think they got the char from the sky no they go it from the game so stop hatting :evil:
well thank u. trying to make this site better so people can be the hole cast of halo dont u think that would be cool ever one is ether mc or odst let some be a Elite or a grunt or a hunter like me so what ever so to ever one else have fun making a new suit post pics when ever u can :mrgreen:
level221 said:
how that illegal people post char on this site all the time and i found it from
http://hce.halomaps.org/ didnt do any illegal thing so dont hate just have fun using the chars
the people that post characters here either make them themselves or ask to use them from the people that made them, like myself

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