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Discussion in 'General Halo Discussion' started by TheLegendary117, Mar 29, 2018.

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    Hello! I've recently made some new friends, via Facebook, who are members of the 405th. One of them suggested I become a member of the 405th website and just say hi to everyone. I'm a big Halo fan and collector. My crown jewels are my life size statues of Noble Team. I'm the only person outside of Microsoft and 343 Industries to own a complete set. Here are some pictures of the collection and the statues. My Halo Collection

    I'm a big fan of the 405th but do not have the time nor skills to make my own armor. Maybe in time that will change. Until then, I'll be around checking out the site and what everyone is working on. Seeing everyone's work is really exciting. Armor types, color scheme's, various customizing. It's almost like playing Halo Reach and seeing everyone's Spartan come to life.

    Oh, if anyone sees this and has anything they're wanting to sell, I'm always looking to add more to the collection! :p Don't be afraid to ask!
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    You have the statues, you can make patterns off of them. That's costuming easy mode. START THE ARMOUR BUILDS!
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    I think that was me you talked to! Welcome to the 405th! Feel free to comment on our builds (provided there has been a build update in the last 3 months) and asks questions if you're curious how we did something.

    It may be my phone doesn't like imgur, but I can't get your pictures to load :( we have a pretty good image system here, just click the button next to reply that says upload photo. Then drop it in your post full size or thumbnail.
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    I just realized you had pictures, and dang thats alot of Halo stuff, do you keep them all in the boxes or actually take them out and play with/use them
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    Welcome to the 405th!
    Dang.... That's a lot of Halo stuff.
    Even if you think you don't have the 'skills or talent', you don't have to start with a suit. Try making a prop first and see if it tickles your fancy.
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    I don't know......his collection seems like its missing something.........Oh yeah.......A real live Warthog and /or Scorpion Tank........But it is dam impressive. Welcome to the 405th!!!
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    Honestly that collection is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! Thanks for posting!

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