Halo: Infinite figures, general reference & blueprints.


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Here it is boys & girls, my local EB games started selling Halo merchandise. I brought two figures, a Marine & John himself in his GEN III suit. Also to add, I might had found a little Easter-egg or something that the M6 series will be coming back with post-launch content with many people thinking it won't & that'll we'll be sticking with the MK50 from now on. The marine's holster mighty looks to be the M6H2 so who knows, not even that, the holster looks real good to try & replicate for cosplay.
If anyone got some new Halo: Infinite figures, post them in extreme detail here so we can pool together some references pics for the community.


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I picked up the Warthog with the Chief. I gotta say I absolutely love it and felt like a kid opening it. I have so much Star Wars stuff I like the availability of the new Halo stuff so I can have more to display. I couldn't find a Marine in stock anywhere locally. Or anything for that matter. I ended up ordering the Warthog from Walmart online. Probably just the Christmas rush and plan to get some more soon!