Halo Infinite MK50 Sidekick Prop (EVA Foam) build

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Hi there! Hope you are doing well. On this thread I´m discussing onto how I made my MK50 Sidekick from Halo Infinite. I had seen some in 3d printing, but not a lot on EVA Foam. I hope this is useful for anyone getting into EVA foam, and of course: feedback is welcome. It´s my first weapon prop from EVA after all...

First off, I used a combination of 8mm foam and 5mm foam. I used my main reference/guideline Andrew DFT´s work. I saw his Youtube vid on the 2020 sidekick, but I liked more the 2021 sidekick, so I decided to print his template and modify it putting on the lantern on the downside.
Since there, I started drawing on the template 4 times on the 8mm and putting them one above another, trying to be as precise as possible. I used contact cement as glue, and since there: draw all the details with a pencil.
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After that, I made on even more details, and used 5mm foam for the lantern, as it´s on a high relieve compared to the rest of the arm, I also checked out the in-game 3d model to keep on all the details.

After I finished making the base model, I sealed it up with a heat gun (for around 5 minutes, and used it on different layers of the paint), and used black paint and Hunter Green paint as a base paint.
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Next up, spray painted some parts. I checked out some videos and found how to apply different weathering tecniques depending on the material of the actual gun, but more on that later.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-17 at 8.15.29 PM.jpeg Taping is important for when you go up to spray paint. Make sure you cover all the things you don´t want painted. Use painters tape.

From on here, all the work was just finding out the right set of colors, and keeping all the detail. I mixed the hunter green paint with black paint, in order to give it a more realistic look. And mixed gray paint with black paint on the upper part. Also: for weathering I used sand paper and went on hard for the borders and parts where the dirt joins up, and soft in general parts. Even then: the metal parts of the gun have a different weathering than the plastic parts.

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And that was basically all the process, it wasn´t as rocket science as I thought, but I still have some areas to upgrade, like hiding better the magnets. I hope to upgrade that for the MA40 Ar. And also: I failed during the process, here´s a look between the two versions. The change was astronomical.

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And that was basically it, if you have any questions onto how I made certain parts, put them down. And of course: feedback is more than welcome for the future.
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personally I like to cover the areas I don't want to paint with super glue, then I peel it off once the paint's on
Might just want to include a little disclaimer saying that's just a joke... unless you actually do somehow use superglue for masking?
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