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Hello, I am trying to split up and edit a model that I bought from TitleWaveDesigns (shop link here). So far, I've split apart the model using Meshmixer's "plane cut" and "generate complex" tools to make it fit onto my Ender 3 pro. But I want to edit the model to have tongue and groove joints so that all the parts align with each other. Plus, it makes aligning and gluing them easier.





I've tried fusion-360 but translating it to a solid object to edit is difficult due to the number of triangles the model has.

I wanted to ask how I could edit the tongue and groove joints onto the model into Meshmixer or how to fully convert each mesh into a solid body for Fusion360?
I don't do tongue and groove, bu I've started to boolean in holes in my split models in Blender that are just tight enough to fit a paddle pop stick (*ahem*, tongue depresser for those not equipped with dingo lingo), so that I can slot that in. Takes a bit of trial and error to get the right tolerances but well worth it.
I'm using the same model. I just split the lower into 3 pieces and the top into 4. I glue the spits together the use a lighter to melt filament into the seems to make it 1 piece. I'm cleaning things right now

********The top I ended up cutting it in half and printing in 2 pieces it was a nightmare trying to get it to fit together the weight and heat warping it as it printed***


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