Halo Live Action Series Moving to "Paramount Plus"


405th Regiment Officer
Oh nice, ANOTHER streaming service... They should just start bundling all of these services together in a package and include a plan with internet as well... wait a minute THATS JUST CABLE AGAIN :lol:
We probably won't even be able to get it in the land down under.
Hang on, isn't there a service that will let me watch content from other reigons? Oh well, if only I coud remember its name...


405th Regiment Officer
Stream Team
well now, as it turns out, there is one thing that could help out those of us that do not have access to region locked content


Omega Weapon 7

New Member
doesn't sound familiar to me, is it even out yet?
Express VPN is what I use, and I don't see why it wouldn't be available in the UK or anywhere else, honestly.
Also, super stoked for this series, I haven't seen any Halo live action goodness since Forward Unto Dawn.
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