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So besides more books from Eric we'll now be following Master Chief in a coutinious Haloverse graphic novel from the masters of comics.

Halo Comic Announcement
Posted by Frankie at 2/26/2007 2:20 PM
Our good friends at Marvel made a couple of nifty announcements regarding the upcoming (and as-yet, untitled) Halo comic series, and although they haven't set a date yet, they did reveal that the artist and writer paired for the project are Alex Maleev and Brian Bendis, respectively.
Their work on Marvel projects including Daredevil and Ultimate Spider-Man has made them comic book legends, and Bungie is proud to be working with such a talented team. You can read (not much) more about the partnership HERE at Marvel's site. We'll bring you more news as the series develops and we look forward to sharing what's going to be an amazing extension of the Halo fiction and universe.

Cant wait. :hyper:
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