Props Halo Pistol Conversion Kit

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That's right folks, the conversion kit is in the works for the P99 to M6D. :mrgreen:

The kit will come as 8 parts:

Hood and front sleeve
2 hood bolts
Scope/laser sight
Trigger guard
Rear Sight
Handle extension
Mag extension

When this thing is finished, it should be able to attach to any P99, from airsoft to paintball. :eyepatch:

Hood and front are starting along well. with several key knotches on the inside that will help center it on the base gun.

PICS! (got my good camera working again)



Of course when fitting clay parts to go exactly on the gun, some sacrifices had to be made.

The last pic was.... :mrgreen:

But first couple of days out it gonna look pretty bad, just wait till I get some more parts together and spend a little more time on the ones I got.
let me get in on that when its done id definitely buy one

i got my own p99 and want to do somethin' w/ it and now i know what 2 do
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Just a quick update.

Hood bolts and Scope are done.
Mag Extension is ready to mold.
Sight and Hood Prototypes are okay but need more work.
Handle extension and Trigger Guard need a LOT of work.

Thanks for the interest and PMs everyone. :mrgreen:
I promise I'll have pics next round.
Well, it's coming along. I decided to completely redo the rear sight(just got the basic shape redone) so I'm a little further behind than I thought I was going to be. Still WIP.

Thanks guys. I took most of today and worked on the rear sight and a couple of other things. Added the basic shape of the trigger guard for a bit of perspective but needs a lot of work. Also replaced the back grip of the gun to straighten it out more.

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