Halo Themed Desktop Backgrounds

Lieutenant Jaku

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Mysteries are unravelling! It is see through...holy poop. I think it is a Halo ring. This requires further investigation.
I'm not convinced, anyway more images
874041-awesome-halo-backgrounds-2560x1600-for-retina.jpg 36781418-halo-wallpapers.jpg


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Lieutenant Jaku

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got to revive the thread. is CPR required. here are some more backgrounds, that I have accumulated since last time. (I especially like the two running spartan ones)




spartans-halo-reach-deploy-artwork (1).jpg

halo_3 Concept art.jpg

this last one reminds me of that scene in the silent cartographer (halo ce)


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Found this the other day. I know these were reach art, but the creator took the two of them, mirrored the one, and fused them together for a 2 monitor background.

I also had the great idea of taking this:

And photoshopping noble sixs helmet onto it
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