Halo Wars style double visor

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Sigma LS

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Well I went to go pick up my dual gold visors for my Spase helm from my local Motorsports place day-before-yesterday only to find that their helmet supplier had stopped carrying them! :mad:

They had one left in stock, so I could either wait a week to get one off ebay or try something a little different. :cautious:

I had planned on trying this when Halo Wars came out but fate has made it sooner. I made a new double visor template especially for this helm based on Sean's original template.

So what do you think? I just hope my own molded helm looks half this nice when it's finished in a few weeks.

Halo Wars Mjolnir

Spase helm, no visor

Helm w/version one template

Silver on gold visor. (Still needs LEDs/holders and padding)


Looks nice Sigma.

Your edges on your cut out visor could use some cleaning up though. Use a fine file, or go to a dollar store and buy a pack of emory boards (nail files). They work great on sanding down the cut edge of the visor... just be careful with the dust that this generates, because it contains abrasive particles that will scratch your helmet. Be very careful not to wipe them off the visor with your hands... blow the dust off or rinse the visor in your sink.

I like the color combination. I often wanted to try different types of visors in combination with the gold, being that the gold changes color so much when it is doubled up.

Cool idea!
Thanks a ton for the input Sean, I think one of the problems I had with this one was I broke my last reinforced cutting wheel and had to make due with the regular variety.

You know one thing I noticed on the iridium visors is the thickness of the iridium plating seems to determine the color. If you've got a scrap of gold visor laying around, try brushing it with a solvent like mineral spirits. It will go from gold-orange-blue/lavender-silver. It's pretty cool and probably the reason for the variation of colors you get when photographing the gold.

I'll have some new pics up as soon as I get it cleaned better. Haha, 87 views and 1 response. I would figure at least some of the people who picked up a Spase pull would want the visor template but oh well.

I hope my first set of molded stuff in a couple of weeks gets a little more critique.
Looks very cool, sigma. Definitely a unique visor (for now), the gold and silver look great together. Your template looks nicely adapted too, great job all around.
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