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Looking at the typical Halo weapons (DMR/BR & Assault Rifle), it seems like it wouldn't be too difficult to make a cast of a completed product for easy reproduction. Obviously, smaller parts like triggers and perhaps the barrel itself would need to be made/added separately, but overall, the form of the gun looks easy enough to be reproduced through casting. Thing is, I can't seem to find anyone who is does this. Does anyone do this? If so, can someone point me in the right direction please?
atm i am currently making 90% of the weapons from halo 1-3 including ODST out of wood but it will be a while off before i have them all and that also includes the molds for them and they will only be for Australians until i can get the rights from customs to ship overseas. so there is a little hope.
Dang, that's too bad. It just didn't seem THAT difficult to do (though I've never done it myself, so perhaps I'm totally wrong). Perhaps I should give it a shot myself and see what happens.
Not to mention that you might fail at the first attempt and would have to try it again and again until you have a successful mold.
its not as hard as u might think just takes some time to plan out how you will mold it and to calculate the needed materials but yes it is VERY expensive, for me to mold the combat knife + sheath it cost around AUS$400 in silicon and thats not including the money for the knife to be C&C'd from wood that was another AUD$150, but is it worth it well i like to think so im just trying to help people here in aus whoo havnt got the time to do it OH!!! well we plan on making some videos XD maily ODST stuff
If it was that easy everyone would do it. It is also very time consuming and expensive.

I agree with you smick6. When you build the prop you have to be thinking about how would this break down to make it easier to mold. Rubber is not cheap! I have spent around $3000 alone on rubber to make molds of my props. This doesn't even add in your time and materials to build the prop and molds. Along with casting materials that are wasted if you have to modify the mold for air traps.
I don't doubt that it's pricey (I've done some investigation and came to the same conclusions), but if you ask for appropriate compensation to cover material costs, then I figured it's not that bad. Suits need to be custom fit to the wearer, but I'm sure a lot of people would be willing to pay ~$90 - $150 for a standard-sized cast Assault Rifle, rather than spend a week building one with their own time (at least, I know I would prefer to).

But oh well. If someone decides to get into this process here in the states, hit me up, will ya?
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