Hard Knocks Orlando - Should 117 be there?

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So if anyone from the 405th is in Orlando, on this Sunday, 6/26, Hard Knocks is having free combat all day. I was going to go in my Master Chief Armor and add to the festivitites. Is there anyone else from the 405th that wants to join me?

Here is some more info:

Website: http://www.hardknocksorlando.com/

Address: 5707 Dot Com Court STE 1025 Oviedo, Florida 32765

Sunday 6/26/2011 from 3:00pm – 9:00pm
Combat is completely FREE for customers with an active Defcon4 or Defcon3 membership.
All participants in FCD must “Like” Hard Knocks on Facebook.
If you don’t have a current membership or your membership expired you can get an annual membership on Free Combat Day and still be eligible.
A Defcon4 annual membership costs $10 Even if you have never been to Hard Knocks before you can participate for $10 and have your membership for a year covered.
We will have PC stations available for you to “Like” Hard Knocks on Facebook if you haven’t already.

tl;dr Bring $10 and expect a line. I'm going as 117.
I live like 2 mile from Hardknocks, I'd go but I have paintball practice that day, but def post pics
Update: It was pretty lame. The staff did not understand what I was doing in Master Chief Armor and confronted me for no reason and then they wouldn't let me in. So I went and changed out of the Armor and tried to go back in again and then they said that they were "at capacity." It was all bull. I would not recommend going on free day at all.
Well that sucks sounds like a incident I had at a local festival here where I got approached by the police telling me to take off my costume, I was wearing a Vader suit at a city festival where the central part of the city shuts down from any traffic and there's rides and stuff like a fair. Sadly don't have that suit anymore that was the first and last time I wore it because I felt so depressed about it.
wow that sucks, stupid staff dont hey know what a costume is? and sorry to hear that Nintendude that sucks
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