Props Hardlight Shield? I can with your help!

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Hey 405th!!

As some of you may know I have a lot of projects going on. Many are being held up by very cold weather. I don't want to lose good time off from school just because of bad weather.

I finally got some cool new toys in and wanted to make something with them. By "them" I mean EL wire. (eletro-lumenecent wire) Blue to be exact.

Here is my question to the community:

-It must be head gun flexible
-Light weight
-preferably cheap
-not easily snapped/broken

-Lexan plastic sheets

Any input would be great! The sooner people point me in the right direction, the sooner I'll have this thing fabricated.

Stay classy 405th!!
Thanks you good Sir. It cracked me up when I realized you're the guy I've been stalking on FB with Impact Props. We need to talk some time.

I just priced some polycarb, and it's way less expensive than I thought. Now I just need to worry about the EL wire being bright enough.
You could also try clear acrylic sheeting. I've used it before to make a riot shield for airsoft and it's pretty shatter resistant.
I work with plastic sheets all day. Your best bet is to use 1/16 polycarbonate (Lexan is just a brand name). You can cut it pretty easily, and it won't break. Only down side is that it is very hard to heat form. It has a pretty high melting point, so it may take a while to get soft enough to bend. As soon as it gets hot enough to bend, you need to immediately stop with the heat, and bend it, or it will start to burn. Unless you have all of the proper equipment, this method only works for an angle bend. It will not work for a curve.

Another option is to make a bracket to attach to both sides. That way it will hold a curve without the need for heat. And you can also use it as a handle.

You will also need to diffuse the light a little. You can take some fine grit sand paper, and rough up the surface, to give it a dull frosted look. I would say to use a frosted spray, but spray paint usually doesn't like to stick to polycarbonate. Then you can run your El wire wherever you want.

Hope this helps.

Thank you all very much for the great info. Thanks you you I have the info I need to execute the next step of this project....buying the stuff. I'll let this thread die, but I hope it helps other people ref this same question.

Stay Classy 405th!!
i can do the painting and probably work on a mounting system, all i ask is that if it works you make me one lol but i would definatly contribute
i can do the painting and probably work on a mounting system, all i ask is that if it works you make me one lol but i would definatly contribute

Thanks alot BHF! I've already created it actually. Please check out my FB for the project pics and my youtube channel for the tutorial on how I made it.
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