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Have A Question? Dont Bother With A Thread

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by BlacRoseImmortal, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Raze

    Raze New Member

    Pro Pipe creation

    I was having a sort out today and found an old 'patriot' plastic gun that fires foam balls, I was going to throw it away but then I realised that it had an extrordinary resembelance to the halo reach grenade lanucher, The pro-pipe, I was wondering how I could convert it into the afore mentiond pro-pipe
    Picture of patriot
    Now I planned to sand it all down and repaint it grey and then add bits onto it to eventually make it look like this:
    I was thinking that I could maybe put wood around it to get this effect, If there is a way you think I could attach the wood or any easier way to do it at all any help would be appreaciated. and the handle is the wrong angle, should I leave it like that or try and change it by repositioning it or maybe just adding wood to make it look more angled.
    Thanks in advance for any help
  2. 0235

    0235 Member

    well, that seems a very good project, but if you could put up an image of the 'patriot' then other people would easly be able to help you.
  3. skullcruncher40

    skullcruncher40 New Member

    where do you get the blueprints?l plz tell me
  4. 0235

    0235 Member

    ok, even though im not plning on doing it yet, how do you put LED's intou your armour, and where?
  5. UKJamieTUK

    UKJamieTUK New Member


    I have cut many holes in my Armour and put LED , use reference files from the Halo costuming wiki http://halocostuming.wikia.com/wiki/References that should cover where :D

    the LED's will require a certain amount of wiring to a battery source , these can run off of separate sources or just one on each armour piece for ease...

    So the 4 or so in the helmet .. i put a double battery pack into the helmet fitted into the padding , so its conceled ... although there is a little switch on the side of the vent :L
  6. Rook3

    Rook3 Jr Member

    Is there an archive of Logos or armor stencils and other armor graphics (such as the ODST Blood type graphics)? I've come up empty on searches.

  7. 0235

    0235 Member

    ok, all this talk of rondo/bodo whatever vs fibre glass, what exacly is rondo/bondo, and please dont use brand names,as they probarbly aren't the same as in the UK
  8. AvAngelAvA

    AvAngelAvA New Member

    Hey everyone, I recently bought some super glue to bond my pep together. I've had friends use super glue before n it works for them but I'm just wondering if this specific brand will be compatible with the resin later. I'd be disappointed if it dissolved :(



    Otherwise, I DO have a hot glue gun... but I'd rather avoid the inevitable burns and frustrating stringy-ness if I can.
  9. 0235

    0235 Member

    it is completely fine with the resin, just dont glue foam on with it, it will melt it off, but i dont think super glueis very suitable, it is too strong and very expensice, a glue gun or UHU glue will do.


    im not sure they have that in the states, but i think it is very good, it dries fast, is sort of cheap (cheaper than super glue!) but as it is drying (which is about 1 min, you can still make minor adjustments, its amazing!)
  10. dan23

    dan23 New Member

    Hey, i want to make multiple copies of a weapon i made from pepakura. can i make a mold from my original piece? if so what materials will i need?
  11. Sindreive

    Sindreive New Member

    How do you scale pep files to A4 ?
  12. Hugh Holder

    Hugh Holder Well-Known Member

    I'm having trouble finding a thread on how to properly install a visor on a helmet. I am looking for a way of installing a visor so it can easily be removed/replaced without a lot of hassle.

    Can someone please point me in the right direction?

  13. 0235

    0235 Member

    @dan23, yes you can make moulds from a pepperd weapon, but you need to "complete" the first weapon. there are a few tutorials on how to mould stuff, so have a search around. i sont do weapons so i dont know any links

    @sindreive what you do is got to FILE (in pepakura) and there are 2 option, PRINT AND PAPER SETTINGS and PRINTER SETUP. go into both of these (one after the other) and select, in the drop down menu called PAPER SIZE (both are called the), the size A4. if that isnt what you meant, then sorry.
  14. 0235

    0235 Member

    @Hugh Holder. How about 3/4 nuts and bolts to hold it in place, so it can be replaced, insted of glued in. this would mean drilling the visor though. another long shot is magnets? really strong ones?

    (sorry for double post, the edid function is SLOOOOOW)
  15. KC Master Thief

    KC Master Thief New Member

    ok i know this doesnt fall into the building Q and A but im tryin to show progress on one of my builds and i dont know how to post pics on the forum in any way please help
  16. TheHow7zer

    TheHow7zer Member

    1.First of all, you will have to upload your picture somewhere like facebook, imageshack,or any other place you can upload and view photos.

    2.Then right-click on the image that is now uploaded, and select "copy image location".

    3.Then go back to your page where you are making the forum post and press the image button(Circled in red in the image below). It will then ask for the image's URL, simple erase the http:// stuff, right-click, then paste your image location into the box.
    4.Press OK, and marvel at your awesome pic!

    (and yes, we all know it is a painful process, but it is a small price to pay for such an awesome community!)

    Time for my question!
    Is there anyone who can help me convert pdo to pdf? I have a pc, but I have to go to the store to print, and they won't let you print directly off your computer (usb drive or something). And the don't have pepakura. I have been printing to thin paper, then copying at the store onto cardstock, but that is a waste of time and paper. Any help, please?
  17. KC Master Thief

    KC Master Thief New Member

    thank u how7er appretiate the help
  18. TaKaGaRi

    TaKaGaRi Member

    I would hate to post a new topic for this.

    Is there a guide on how to take a sketch and convert it into slice format? I would like to make a slice build of the hammer.


  19. JohnThe117Spartan

    JohnThe117Spartan New Member

    I have a question, I am a noob here, but i have read all the stickies and i dont have a noobish question i dont think. My question is how would you wire leds to the torso and shoulder/bicep pieces?
  20. Deputy Dog

    Deputy Dog Jr Member

    I'm having problems sanding small details, any suggestions? I was thinking of using a Drimel.
  21. TaKaGaRi

    TaKaGaRi Member

    I have heard of being able to see a buy/sell thread after 80 posts. If this true or does it take more?

    Thanks :)

  22. Jester1014

    Jester1014 Well-Known Member

    Ok so everywhere I've gone on has nothing to say about Scaleing aromor. As in giving me the method to do it. I have Blender and Pep D3. Any other thing on here that talks about scaling, I have to send my measurments to another person and wait for their reply.
    If anyone can help me out here please message me or email me at EKshrek86@fuse.net

    Thanks Jester 1014
  23. 0235

    0235 Member

    @ deputy dog - yes, a dremel is the best thing to use, they are amazing, just be sure you know how to use one, practice on somthing which you dont mend messing up

    @ TaKaGaRi - i have never seen a buy / selling thred, but i dont know wheter it exists or not

    @ jester1014 - it is simple, you just have to have pepakura designer which you have to pay for, and then simply click the "2D" option in the top bar, click scale and then change the meaturements, e.g. if you were doing the torso, change the width to the width of your chest (armpit to armpit)
    but trust me there are plenty of tutorials on scaling armour.
    if in doubt:
  24. 0235

    0235 Member

    how do you paint stuff. i want white armour, but i also want that scratched effect where the underside shows through by sand papering it, how do i do that/ what colour do i use for the udercoat. i remember seeing a tutorial about it, and the guy used tooth paste to create bullet dents. how?
  25. 23Magnum

    23Magnum Well-Known Member

    This thread is temporarily closed to test the "Help!..." threads. If you have and unanswered question in this thread, please don't hesitate to repost it in the appropriate "Help!..." thread.

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