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Have A Question? Dont Bother With A Thread

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by BlacRoseImmortal, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. ObiJ3ff


    Does anyone know where the hi res screen shots for Halo weapons went to i cant seem to find them
  2. Spartan 637073

    Spartan 637073 New Member

    ive recent started looking under the prints for the pepakura files and noticed uner the hd shins they go over 2 pages of paper, what should i do to mend them together or has someone else dont that and can explain how to do it.
  3. FraserMaxwell

    FraserMaxwell New Member

    Can anyone help I'm trying to make (something what i think will be simple) the TMD from Singularity and I've followed what Nintendude said and look at Juice's arc reactor pep file and I've found it but I don't know the program used to open it.
  4. Rob1337

    Rob1337 New Member

    Hi, i am new to pepakura and need some help scaling my armour ive read the posts on how but when i follow them correctley (i think atleast) they go tiny and its obvious when i make it its never going to fit me because its too small so could someone help me with the scaling. If it helps im just under 5' tall so if anyone could help me see whats going wrong it would be great.
  5. JohnRansom

    JohnRansom New Member

    Yeah, the equation thing messed me up too. Heres a way to get it on the helmet. Get a ruler, and since your in the UK it will be metric anyways, but use centimeters, and measure about two centimeters above and below your head (hight wise), and for me, its around 29 cm. put that in as 290, since the scaler goes by millimeters. On the link I put in, you actually get a decent size for a 27 centimeter tall head (i figure it anyways,if you include padding) at about 292 millimeters. If that size will work for you you think, then open up the link, download this pep file, open it in designer, and hit control + L which will increase size 10% which winds up being about 292 millimeters. This helmet is fairly easy and looks pretty good. It just doesn't have the special parts that some of the others have. Hope this helps. http://www.4shared.com/file/iH6zm479/SmoothMKVI20_by_DF4L.html
  6. JohnRansom

    JohnRansom New Member

    alternate harderner?

    Hey I am having trouble figuring the resin out, how many layers are paintball proof? Also I'm wondering if truck bed liner would work as a good alternate. My uncle suggested it cause its tough, and im wondering if anyone has tried it. If you have please tell me if it works or not, cause I was actually toying with the idea of making some bulletproof chief and ODST armor with my friends if that stuff is strong enough. (not that im going to be shooting at myself or others, but just because it would be BA)
  7. eternallydusk

    eternallydusk Jr Member

    Are there any perks to using the molding process to create armor? As in, is the product better than a pepped, resinned and bondo'd piece?
  8. KiloKid945

    KiloKid945 New Member

    how would you make a visor for the helmet?
  9. Devaax

    Devaax New Member

    i dont know what scale i need to make my armor (im 152 cm tall)
  10. JohnRansom

    JohnRansom New Member

    i think its cause you can use tougher materials when molding. I think that red suit that aguy bought for 21 grand was molded urethane plastic and was apparently tough enough to drive a nail with. I think.
  11. JohnRansom

    JohnRansom New Member

    same general thing applies. Sometimes looking at a chief pic helps (I assume your making the chief) so you know where to start measuring from. The pieces do need to be a bit big so they can be put on. I made the mistake of making my brother a mark V that was exactly the same size as his head, and I mean exactly, and it didn't come close to fitting. Try scaling the mark five armor parts to get a feel for it, if you have some extra cardstock (use the back of the pages of stuff you found out was too small) cause mark V is real good and easy.
  12. DaSlacker


    It all depends on the helmet you are trying to make, most people use mirrored motorcycle visors.
  13. I made my visor with vacuum forming and I put a black car filter on :)
  14. Snowblind X17

    Snowblind X17 New Member

    One way is to simply try.
    There should be a topic of scaling your armor somewhere.
  15. Devaax

    Devaax New Member

    ye. but i dont know in what size to print the armor drawings.

    if anyone can help me semd me e-mail on "lovro_16@hotmail.com"
  16. Devaax

    Devaax New Member

    tell me if im wrong . these are the steps :you print drawings,cut them,glue with aqua resin,w8 to dry,paint it,and fit to your body.(if i am wrong please write steps)
  17. AceNat

    AceNat Well-Known Member

    scale in the pepakura program using the scale function, then print, then cut, then glue the pieces together with normal glue/superglue/hotglue (whatever you prefer), then coat with resin at least twice, then harden with fiberglass or body filler, then sand to smooth the polygons out, then paint, then wear

  18. UKJamieTUK

    UKJamieTUK New Member

    Hi ,

    i just wanted to ask a quick question about what to do next , if there are already threads about it , i can only say sorry...

    basically can anyone give me some overall steps to cover , even if its a link to an appropriate Thread...

    i have my Pep files on the computer and was wondering what size to print , what materials i use , im guessing its card or something... yea i can see the above post explains this but how do i scale to the right size?

    2nd Question is can i use injection moulding after i have created a mold , as my family owns a injection molding company... i would put all details and paints on after.

    Thanks in advance for your help
  19. GrimCW

    GrimCW New Member

    got one built and wondering the best way to proceed

    Built a nice pep ODST helmet and loving the look of it.
    toying with Rondo, Bondo, and such already (Have it resined and glassed (inside) though i question if i mixed it right :/ )
    my stupid question of the day is whats the best way to proceed for a new trying to get the good roundness this thing deserves?
    Rondo kinda came off at some parts in almost a rubbery peel, and i can't for the life of me understand the bondo instructions for the mix so i half wonder if i'm getting them wrong :p

    i've read th tutorials on both subjects but they aren't very informative for a total newbie to the situation, they just give a bare basic level of "do this" and drop the rest on the readers shoulders :/ on how to proceed further (such as rondo on round or smoother surfaces).

    i'd pop a pick if i knew how, but since i don't i'll shutup and bug off hoping don't get shot at.
  20. 0235

    0235 Member

    ok, a few here, first of though, im from the UK which has many problems, such as its always cold (resin wont cure) and i still live with my mum (so she wont let me rein indoor and stink the house out for day)

    progress for me has been slow, after 5 pep attempts of the torso, 2 for both the forearms and rerebrace, and a completely messed up eva helm, i kind of lost interenst, so have been at it for over half a year, with only a few things pepped and resined.

    my questions are:
    - is there any way for another, affordable, way to strengthen armour (not glue gun method)
    - what can i use to make my armour smooth, (in USA (and Australia (i think?)) there is bondo, which is alot cheaper than the UK version) i have tried polly filla but after 4 days sanding, and still a rough finish, what should i do. all i can think of is to have a "thich" layer of polyfila or other wall filler, then a very thin layer a car body filler, or another of resin, would that work?
    - what is the best matherial for under armour, that looks authentic, yet is easy to work. i am good with a needle and thread, but i dont want to be digging into leather.
    - how to do your boots? the problem i have is the low res pep (which i have used for all of them) is almost too low res and makes walking really difficult, any sugestions.
    - what is the best way to make a weapon, cardboard, MDF and paper mash / more fibre glass

    thats it! and P.S. i dont know whether to love or hate the 405th waypoint stuff, it got me back on track with my armour, but also it means that there will be more noobs, so there will be less time for people to sort out the biggest, and longest running noob, ME!
  21. UKJamieTUK

    UKJamieTUK New Member


    im in the same situation as you , proplems with resin , bondo/ polly filler , UK , Parents

    but one thing i can help with is the under armour and thought i could give you a basic idea as to use ...

    it depends on what you want ... comfort or realism.

    I used a sort of wetsuit/ rubber thermal suit and I brought two of these , plain black , one was purely to cut up and stitch on extra pieces on to the other ... I also added some padding around the crotch area and neck .
    it sort of feels like a motorbike jacket :L ...
    Oh btw it isn't one of those super tight ones it is a nice fit one, tight but loose at the same time...
    usually it would be worn under clothes anyway so it shouldnt irritate the skin, well it hasn't yet :L

    as for comfort i havent been there yet :L

    hope i helped slighty,

    and know i need to find answers to my questions :L
  22. Arbalust

    Arbalust New Member

    This is my first post and I have a serious question to ask. I have downloaded the pepakura program for my computer but it seems my computer dosen't have the right drivers to read .pdo files. So basicly I can't download the armor I want to use. What i'm asking is if anyone knows what I need to do to fix this please help me. Also if there is another way in which I can get the files please let me know.
  23. 0235

    0235 Member

    @UKjamieTUK, thanks, i was worried most about the under armour, and never though about having a basic under layer, which you then attach realistic looking stuff to,

    Arbalust, when you download a .pdo, use the pepakura program to open the files, if it still dosent work, then i cant help you.
  24. UKJamieTUK

    UKJamieTUK New Member

    No problem 0235

    I have a quick question as well , what paper is best for Peps , I done a few practices with normal paper , and a Helmet with a Paper/card , but I cant remember what kind of paper ( weight ) to use , as i only started creating my armour last month after about a year... ..

    I think it was something like 110lb? or something , i don't know it was too long ago.

    if you can help me with this it would be appreciated
  25. 0235

    0235 Member

    well, i use 160g paper, i got a huge 250 page bundle, its just inbetween poaper and card, but watch out, it barely scrapes through my printer, and i nearly knackered it, so look how much thickness the printer can take!

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