He4thbar's Fallout 3 t-45d BOS outcast power armor


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All seams filled finally. Might have a touch up here or there to do but at this point I don't care anymore.
Now I'm onto physical weathering! This power armor is reused a lot and it's the wasteland so it's gonna take a beating. My idea is a lot of shrapnel and small arms fire.
The picture shows weathered vs not.

IMG_20200703_232302.jpg IMG_20200703_231502.jpg
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Sean Anwalt

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Sheeeooooot, that was more than a year ago...

I'm pretty sure it was ultra. Unfortunately I do not still have the paint cans. I think. Hang on a second...

HA totally got one left. Here it is:



It took more than I thought it would, and under a time constraint I borrowed a full on paint sprayer from Home Depot.

Hope that helps!

EDIT: I am 100% confident the other colors (at least one of them) said ultra.


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Smol update. I've been working on Weathering dings and scratches on my armor.
But I also decided to add some treads to my boots. I'm pretty happy with it.

IMG_20200713_215732.jpg IMG_20200713_215654.jpg IMG_20200713_215854.jpg
I also decided to rebuild my chest piece handle bar. I needed it to be stronger. So I used a wire coat hanger, and half foam dowels and closed the foam dowels around the outside of the hanger. I can lift my whole chest piece with it now