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Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by ElRoma, Jan 25, 2019.

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    Good afternoon everyone,
    My name is Miguel, 30 years old boy, and he loves halo.
    I register now because I have a good quality 3d printer. (or so I think)
    And I want to print out the full suit of master chief, and ALL possible weapons.
    Before when I was younger I used a lot the theme of pepakura, papercraft, etc.
    BUT .... having a 3d printer, hahahaha.

    I offer even barter, I print people their pieces if they want in exchange for that amount of plastic spent and a little more. And shipping costs.

    Do not tell me where to put that information.
    And if you can tell me / help to get all possible 3d files better.
    Since I've been looking at the armeria section and I think everything is files pdo.
    And nothing has stopped writing.
    Pd, Sorry for my English, I'm using Google translator.
    greetings to all
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    Welcome to the 405th ElRoma!

    It's good to see another 3D printing enthusiast on the forums, what printer do you have? In the Armory there are a few .obj files that are models directly from the game but they lack some of the fine detail that you see made in game textures.

    MoeSizzlac has converted some of the files into 3D printable versions but they'll likely need a bit of scaling to fit you exactly. If there's other armour variants that you're looking for, there's some available on Thingiverse but they're a use at your own risk type thing since not all files there have been tested.

    My Spanish is terrible since it's high-school level with a decade of neglect but if anything I say doesn't make sense in English through Google Translate I'll give it a try in Spanish.
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    I have a original prusa i3 mk3. and thanks
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