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okay, ive been looking on the site for a few days now tring to find a set of direction to scale a helmet. i was going to use the same procedure as the chest legs etc but ive read you need to scale it different? so if anybody can tell me the way to do this it would be much appreciated... thanks. :D OH and just a quick question can i use scotch tape to hold the pepakure together or will the resin react with it?

No dont use scotch tape, it will fall apart when resining, use elmers glue or hotglue, hot glue plus a glue gun only cost like 5 dollars. But everyone has elmers glue in their house, so use that if your not in the mood to buy a glue gun.

Btw this armor made from pep cost like 100 dollars.
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Where do you shop?

$100 is a bit high for most people. That's only if you have to buy resin, fiberglass cloth, bondo (body filler), cardstock, hot glue gun, glue, paint, yada yada, ect. ect. Or if you live somewhere where the only place that carries resin has it at $30.

If you already have most of that stuff, it's pretty cheap. Resin and bondo(usually around $15 each), and fiberglass is what most people will have to buy. Won't usually cost you more than $50 or so.
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ok i did read the stickies though but none em them mention scotch tape so thats why i asked also nobody knows the size for the helmet scaling..? i wanted to get it printed today so i guess im just gonna have to gueess .. do i just go for the height to be a couple cms bigger then my head? ( sorry about mispellings my laptop is missing alot of keys... :mad: )
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